Yep, it is an old song of DEEN again. During my absent in March, I was organising songs that I currently had, DEEN’s song included. And then for good measure, I played the songs too and found some that I haven’t heard yet and then liked it. This is one of those songs. And I guess I’ll post more when I have the content ready. It sure is a lot! So, if you are fan of DEEN too, come rejoice with me hehehe…

Family‘ is a song composed by DEEN’s leader, Yamane Kouji, and written by the vocalist Ikemori Shuuichi. It is released in 2006 as part of album ‘Diamonds’. It is a sweet, encouraging, and grateful song about family. -No matter what events happened in life, family has always been in memory. How they cheer us up, how they protect us when we’re young and free, how they still love us when we become selfish… Those nagging things they said to us , all that they have taught, it is so important. We are grateful for them and we cherish it all. The day when we’d like to say ‘thanks’ has come. Thank you, dad, mom, for being family- /more or less like that, SO SWEET RIGHT!???/

It looks like some anime song but turns out not. So energetic! And the back vocal… I always like DEEN’s back vocal. So divine for me *awe*

Disclaimer: Sadly, I am not DEEN. Needless to say, this song is not mine.


Lyricist (作詞) : Ikemori Shuuichi (池森秀一)
Composer (作曲) : Yamane Kouji (山根公路)
Singer (歌) : DEEN
Album (アルバム) : Diamonds (2006), track 3 (of 11)

Japanese lyric


涙流した日 笑い転げた日
Namida nagashita hi warai korogeta hi
Kioku no naka ni kazoku ga iru nda!
夕日を追いかけ 泥まみれだった
黄昏時には 母の呼ぶ声
広場中 温かく響いていた
Yuuhi wo oikake doromamire datta
Kaze no naka wo jiyuu ni ikiteta
Tasogare toki ni wa haha no yobu koe
Hirobachuu atatakaku hibiiiteita
成功や失敗じゃない 生きていること
“Arigatou” wo koe no kagiri ni tsutaetakute
Seikou ya shippai janai ikite iru koto
Chichi to haha no okage nan desu
Dou ka kore kara mo egao de ite kudasai!
Wakasa wa itsu no hi mo jikochuushinteki de
Anata no ai wo mo wakarazu ni
あなたの言うこと 正しかった
Ima nara hakkiri kokoro kara ieru
Anata no iu koto tadashikatta
今日も明日も あなたの子供に
“Arigatou” ni kawaru kotoba wa doko ni mo nai
Oikakete mo oitsukenai ookina senaka
Kyou mo ashita mo anata no kodomo ni
Umareta koto wo hokori ni omoimasu
近頃思うよ 誕生日って
Chikagoro omou yo tanjoubi tte
Oya ni kansha suru hi datte koto wo
成功や失敗じゃない 生きていること
“Arigatou” wo koe no kagiri ni tsutaetakute
Seikou ya shippai janai ikite iru koto
Chichi to haha no okage nan desu
Itsumo tooku kara mimamotte ite kudasai!

Notes: This is a list of mistakes in my attempt of romanising it. When I realised that it only have a tiny different, I shook my head. I am sure dumb, I should’ve tried more before using help.

[…] kanji ~ [–>] my attempt ~ [=] the correct romanization ~ (…) my own comment

  1. [黄昏] -> dasogare = tasogare (…)
  2. [自己中] -> jigochuu = jikochuu (…)
  3. [感謝] -> kaosu = kansha (…)


  1. Lyrics Wiki for the Japanese lyric of DEEN’s ‘Family’, here.
  2. Jisho for the awesome as always.
  3. Ju Atsumu for uploading the LIVE version of ‘Family’ on YouTube. Thanks! I like the video so much (tee hee) I always like DEEN when they singing LIVE because I can see how they perform the song.