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Hello visitors ^^ Welcome to my blog (2). Why #2? Because I've just changed the theme of my blog and so... I guess I need a new introduction. PreciousAll is a personal blog containing things I have interests in. It... Continue Reading →

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Indo-Eng Translyric

Good afternoon everyone! How are you today? I am sure everyone has their own situation that makes some of you cannot reply with "I'm fine", so I hope you can find whatever it is to fix your mood in my... Continue Reading →

Itowokashi (イトヲカシ) – Life Drive (ライフドライブ) lyric

A lyric post for Itowokashi's song: 'Life Drive', which is released in their single 'A, un', 2016. Japanese lyric + romanisation + Chinese translation link.

Mochiyama Shouko (持山翔子) ft. nero – Last Mermaid lyric

A lyric post for nero's song: 'Last Mermaid' which is released back at the end of the year 2015. Japanese lyric + romanisation.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

It's been 2 years. 2 years. 2 yea-- TWO F YEARSS SINCE I'VE STARTED BLOGGING LIKE WT--- Anyway, I can't believe it myself that I continue blogging for two years (and still blogging). I am so happy that I've nurtured... Continue Reading →

Itowokashi (イトヲカシ) – Tamashii no Yukue (たましいのゆくえ) lyric

A lyric post about Itowokashi's song last track in 'Kendo Chourai' album, 'Tamashii no Yukue'. It is a sad song, released in 2016. Japanese lyric + romanisation.

Itowokashi (イトヲカシ) – Thank you so much!! lyric

A lyric post for Itowokashi's song: 'Thank you so much!!' which is released as part of their first official mini album, 'Kendo Chourai', in 2016. Japanese lyric + romanisation.

164 ft. Ashikubi (足首) – KARAN to Naku (カランと鳴く) lyric

A lyric post for 164's song: 'KARAN to Naku', which is released for the first time in album: 'TROPE', 2016 with Ashikubi as the original singer. Japanese lyric + Romanisation

koyori ft. Ashikubi – Omokage to Kage (面影と影) lyric

A lyric post for koyori's song: 'Omokage to Kage' which is sung by Ashikubi and released in Ashikubi's album: 'Trope', 2016. Japanese lyric and its romanisation available.

Amatsuki (天月) – Present (プレゼント) lyric

A lyric post for Amatsuki's song: "Present", which is released on his single: 'DiVE!!', 2016. The lyric is available in Japanese and Romaji.

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