To find what I am looking for, I usually type the keywords on search engine, Google preferably. However, when I know the specific website that gives me the type of information I want continuously, I keep them on my bookmarks. Now, I will share to you the link of those websites, so you can visit them and get the information (or things) you want too.

PS: I will continuously edit this page to add more links when I find it.


Vocaloid Wiki: [link] ~ this website offers you collections of information about Vocaloid and -related; song that is sung by vocaloid, phenomena that occurred as a result of the existence of vocaloid / publication of it… yeah, it’s like vocaloid encyclopedia.

Utaite Wiki: [link] ~ this website offers you collections of information about Utaite (歌い手 – person try to sing; Japanese people who cover songs by singing in Nico Nico Douga (NND), mainly Vocaloid song, J-pop, OST anime & games), range from their identification (real identification if it is known, and their stage’s name), what makes people fanning them, all the works they’ve covered, album they have released, and so on… it’s pretty useful information.

Odorite Wiki: [link] ~ this website offers you collections of information about Odorite (踊り手 – person try to dance; Japanese people who cover song by dancing in Nico Nico Douga (NND), mainly Vocaloid song, J-pop, OST anime & games)

Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki: [link] ~ this website offers you collections of vocaloid original songs’ lyrics. It is a pretty neat website. The user over there post the lyric in kanji. However, if we’re lucky, or the song you want is quite popular, the post will consists not only the lyric in kanji but the romanization and its english translation as well.

Lyrics Wiki [link] and Kasi-Time [link] ~ this website offers you collections of Jpop songs’ lryics in kanji.

Bulbapedia: [link] ~ this website is a perfect Pokemon encyclopedia. It provides information about Pokemon from every universe (game, anime, movie, manga, etc – Pokemon franchise)!

Baka-Updates Manga: [link] ~ if you want to keep track of your favorite manga and mangaka, I suggest you go to this website and make an account as well. This website tells you about the details of manga or mangaka you seek such as summary, artists, author, scanlation group, status of volume, etc. You will know which scanlation group(s) is currently translating the manga and until which chapter it is available. In the case of mangaka, it tells you all their works they’ve published until now. And the user usually leaves comment about the page they have visited, so the other visitor know other impression on the manga in that page. It’s a really useful place.

ONLINE READING (STORIES) (FFN): [link] and Achieve of Our Own (AO3): [link] ~ this is a great place for you who seeks fanfiction! It hosts various fandom, not only anime-manga based, but also books, games, and many more. Vocaloid too! Check it out yourself. Usually there are duplicate works that both exist in FFN and AO3; that’s because the author has account in each website. This late of years, many people plagiarized people works’ in FFN and so many authors moved to AO3 since it is somewhat a safer place. But don’t worry. FFN is still a trusted source where you can find fanfic (FF) that you want.

Asian Fanfics: [link] and Asian Fan Fiction (AFF): [link]~ this is a great place for you who is looking for some fanfics with Korean band or idol as fandom. The pairing can be between the member of the band or crossover to other band. Well, just check it out to see what I mean. So far, people who create FF in Asian Fanfics will post the trailer of their story on YouTube. Isn’t that interesting? (FPC): [link] and Wattpad: [link] ~ this is a great place for you who want to read some original story (Wattpad also provides fanfics tho). It hosts various theme, such as romance, hurt/comfort, adventure… check it out for yourself. If you want to see more visual, go to Wattpad, because the author is encouraged to post a cover of their book to make it more attractive. It’s like a pro website. Meanwhile, Fictionpress also for several years now has encouraged their writer to post cover if they want BUT there are few people who actually do it (since it is hard to make an illustration). The point is, the story hosts in these website is great. There maybe duplicate works, but so far as I found, the author who choose one of them never post their works in both places. If they moved to the other one, they would delete the works in their previous place.


Hikari no Akari OST: [link] ~ if you want to download anime-game OST, Vocaloid and Utaite album, this is the right place for you. I’m not promoting online piracy, but… yeah… if you can buy the original, then buy the original, ok? support the artists by buying their works.

MikuDB: [link] ~ it is your main source to know more about Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid’s world! You can download vocaloid song, utaite song, see review of album, etc. The content is pretty neat! The downloaded file is also pretty neat (the title of the folder, songs, and the properties)! I really love going there…

Eimusics [link] ~ The download links works, the downloaded file is neat and complete. It posted songs not only J-Pop, but K-Pop, Western and also Indonesian song! Well, only several artists for each (except J-Pop) but their collection is pretty cool. I love going there before, but now not so much since there are so many pop-up ads there. But it’s not like I won’t going there ever again; like I said, their collection is pretty cool.

Haru Musics [link], Asia Collection [link], Jp-Rock [link] and  ~ The website is pretty simple and easy to navigate; the links rarely dead and stored in a pretty familiar and easy server, more so the collection is good. The downloaded file is also neat. They are my new heaven *wink wink* Jp-Rock especially, SINCE THAT WEBSITE HOSTS VARIOUS SONGS OF JAPANESE OLD BANDS IN ALBUM AND ORGANISE IT PRETTY NEATLY!! I LOVE GOING THERE!! I found almost all my old songs there! That website rocks!

Okay, now… some serious stuff:

edX: [link] ~ it is a great place for you who want to study more for free! It offers free online courses and classes. “Find the latest MOOC from the world’s best universities including MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UT and others.” How many subjects the online courses and classes cover? It ranges! From Social Studies to Natural Sciences, History, Political, Arts… WHY DON’T YOU CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF NOW??? won’t regret it, promise. And learn well okay?

TED: [link] ~ “TED is a global set of conferences run by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.” Yes. conferences. The ideas that these speakers spread in their conferences is various, and it could last from 3 minutes to hours. It also has an app for android, so download them immediately. It is useful and very inspiring!

Linkedin: [link] ~ “LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking.” “Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities!” Yes, it is a very promising place for you who want to seek job. Your page will be what you could as your life’s resume. It is a serious matter, kay? Many companies post their job there and let the competition for the position held there. Most fresh graduates now have Linkedin account. So you should too! Build your connection from now.