Good afternoon everyone! How are you today? I am sure everyone has their own situation that makes some of you cannot reply with “I’m fine”, so I hope you can find whatever it is to fix your mood in my blog ^^ (just my wish tho)

I just want to announce: I want to do translyric, Indonesian lyric to English. Yep, not only translating but also making sure the translation can be sung with the original melody. I really love doing things like this and so I think I’ll do better on it.

I usually change the lyric of songs I like into whatever was on mind at that time. It helps me relax and keeps me happy. Mostly it is for jokes around my family and my own circle. So, when I think about it… why not trying to do translyric?

Sure, what I usually do isn’t translating the lyric, rather I change it into another topic in the same language. But the fact that I can fit it into the melody makes me think I can do it. I’m currently trying it and I daresay I am not fluent at it right now. However. However, yes, I want to try.

So, wish me luck! I will post my attempt in a few days, I guess.

Until then! Ciao~