At the end of March, my friend Doni told me that DEEN will release new album this summer. And we’re like: “JOOOOY!!!!!” because our favourite band still exist and keep producing songs!! You know what it means? It means DEEN is a solid team who really LOVE MUSIC!! *hug them*

DEEN 2016 - summer special album

According to DEEN OFFICIAL WEBSITE, the title of that summer special album is ‘Butterfly [BATAFURAI (バタフライ)]’ and it will be released on June 1st, 2016. The first of June!!

DEEN 2016 - summer special album version amazon

I checked out Amazon and found out that DEEN will release the album in three version.

  1. Version A : CD+Bluray, Limited Edition. The price is 7800 yen but currently the price is 6338 yen. I don’t know the detail of the promotion, so just visit the amazon page to see the detail of offer yourself. You will get one disc and one DVD Bluray. The disc will contain eleven new songs (in which the name of the tracks is currently unknown; and hopefully all of them is really new song) and the DVD Bluray will contain video of five songs sung in DEEN LIVE JOY Break 19 ~全開恋心!!~ TOUR FINAL: 1. Senkai Koigokoro! (千回恋心!), 2. Kimi ga boku wo wasurenai youni, boku ga kimi wo oboeteiru (君が僕を忘れないように 僕が君をおぼえている), 3. Hitomi sora sa nai de (瞳そらさないで), 4. Hitori Janai (ひとりじゃない), and 5. Mirai no tame ni (未来のために).
  2. Version B : CD, Limited Edition. The price is 3990 yen (currently). You will get two discs. Disc one will contain the new songs and disc two will contain five LIVE songs that they sung in DEEN AOR NIGHT  CRUISIN’ ~3rd Groove~: 1. Taiyou to Hanabira (太陽と花びら), 2. Utopia wa Mieteru noni (ユートピアは見えてるのに), 3. Tsubasa wo Kaze ni Nosete ~fly away~ ( 翼を風に乗せて~fly away~), 4. pray, and 5. Call your name.
  3. Regular : The price is 3146 yen (currently anyway). You will only get one disc in which the content will be the beloved new songs~

This information is not that accurate since my Japanese language ability is poor. So please do refer to the official page and official store yourself.

I can’t wait for the new album!! New album! New album! New album!~ I hope they reveal the cover album and crossfade soon (And make it watchable for people outside Japan, really now).


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  2. Amazon Japan for the price and tracklist information.