I am Creisha Reirz (obviously not my real name, kay?), majoring International Relations in one of many universities in Bandung, Indonesia. I’ve recently graduated. Currently looking for job I have a job since mid 2016! Though I must say I’m not entirely sure about this; I just let myself be involved in it since it’s my job now. So, wish me luck!

There is no particular focus in my blog. I post what I want to post. My post will be mostly consisted of what I like, what I know, what I think people need to know, and my experience that I want share. It can be anything! Well, mostly Vocaloid and Utaite song tho :p

My blog will be full of words and less picture, not because I don’t like taking photo, but because my camera has a very bad quality. I hope I can get myself a professional camera and learn how to use it well, so I can present you a more interesting post.

This is list of my internet accounts (that I’ll use again):

Twitter: creizreiz ~ Follow me there to contact me or keep updates of what I’ll post.
Tumblr: preciousall ~ This account is for stalking fandom only. But feel free to visit 🙂 you might have the same fandom as mine… Also, I’ll share what I post here to my tumblr account as well from now on.
Soundcloud: preciousall ~ I use it only for uploading a song which I’ll be featured in my blog (rare case). Sometimes in the future, I want to upload my covers too (oh well).

I have YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, ask.fm, and livejournal account… BUT I HAVEN’T MANAGED THEM, so I won’t share it. I also have account in Fanfiction.net, FictionPress, Wattpad, AsianFanfics, DeviantArt, and Kreavi; HOWEVER (again), I am still on hiatus, so… I won’t share it either. Riiight, I am so embarrassing!

Lastly, I currently conceal personal information, just because. However, sometimes in the future, I might post actual information about myself.

Thank you 🙂