I decide to move part of my previous post here, because I feel the last post lost its focus because of my babbling. So, I move my babbling here and let the lyrics chill in the previous post. And I’ll probably edit this post too in the future if I want to add my impression of another cover of this song that I find.

For the lyrics, go here: [link]


Lyrics, Music & Arrangement : halyosy
Assistant English Lyrics : Mes

Electric Guitar : 中西
Acoustic Guitar : 193
Bass : mao
Piano : 紅い流星
Sanshin : 530
Programing : halyosy

Illustration : shimano
Motion Graphics : SenseFrame (iOS App)
Movie : halyosy & sobomen

Special Thanks : My Nephew, that, & You!

Blessing is a birthday song created by Halyosy, dedicated to his nephew who had just turned three at the time. He wants his nephew to never give up if he ever face a difficulty in life. He is such a sweet guy.

Seeing the reason behind the making of the song, listening to it, and understanding the meaning of every words making me thinking this: ‘Because you are born, you are alive, you’ll experience things and you’ll learn… bad things and good things. You are unique and precious. You are existed and God has planned something for you, so don’t ever give up on your life. Continue living… no matter what. There’s always tomorrow you could look up to’ – it’s what I catch. And that’s pretty deep. This is a pretty deep song, and I think everyone can relate to it in some way.

Well, I can relate to it. This song has encouraged me when I was hopeless because of my lack of direction in life… and everything seemed so usual, so ordinary, so tragic… this song hit me hard the first time I listened to it. And I will always remember this song when I face difficulty again, because I know life isn’t over yet.

Blessing ft. Vocaloids
Blessing ft. Vocaloids

Cough, okay, next, it is meant to be sung collaboratively. This song has been covered by various Nico Nico Douga artists (Utaite – person who try to sing) as choruses as well as various Youtube singers (Youtaite) around the globe. I will highlight several version of ‘Blessing’ that has caught my attention.

1. Vocaloid version ~ ‘Blessing’ is originally sung by Vocaloid. Halyosy uses 6 vocaloid to sing his song, namely Hatsune Miku (初音ミク), Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ), Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン), Kagamine Len (鏡音レン), MEIKO, and KAITO.

Blessing * A Gift For You
Blessing * A Gift For You

2. Blessing *A Gift for you ~ This version is sung by aki, Ajikko (あじっこ), Kamen Liar 217 (仮面ライアー217), KOOL, Cocolu (ココル), Shoose (しゅーず), S!N, aiyakiya (タイ焼き屋), nqrse, Nitmegane (にっとメガネ),Hiiragi Yuka (柊優花), mao (まお), Mes, and Ry☆. I think this japanese cover for ‘Blessing’, overall, is the best one out of the rest compared with the official human-singing of Blessing (ver. A and ver. B). Especially nqrse’s rap, is just so win! I love his rap so much d(;w;)b

Off course, every cover has its own distinctive quality, so go check them out and analyse it for yourself. They’re great! Find your favorite utaite! In which version are they? My favorite utaite(s) are there in ver.A, ver. B, and A Gift For You. It’s hard to choose, but overall, A Gift For You is the best one, I think (but it doesn’t mean you have to choose. In my case, I enjoy every version but still choose because I want to put the song into my ipod). Aaaand, finally, the version that won my heart: World Edition (;w;)b

Blessing ~World Edition~
Blessing ~World Edition~

3. World edition ~ This version is sung by Tune (チューン) [USA], Sumashu [France], MastaH [Italy], Kiro [Chile], Howl [Brazil], Chalili (茶理理) [China], Len (蓮) [Russia], Ehmz [Phillipines], Enae [Korea], Un3h [Sweden], cheeseman [Poland], Paperblossom [Germany], and Toriko (鳥子) [Japan]. The video even has subtitle! (yes, it’s important for me because I want to know the meaning…)

I don’t know how their adaptation in various languages can match with the song, but it is really wonderful! I’m crying!!! It’s a really good song and they make it really beautiful. The fact that it is multi-language brings tears to my eyes. I am so touched that music can bring people together. No matter what their background is. Music is really… powerful.

Oh, and don’t forget to check this video too: [link] ~ It is a mix version, consisted of several ‘Blessing’ video sung by 150 utaite blend into one. The audio is not really good, but it is worth trying to hear (and see) even just once.

It is also worth watching: [link] ~ it is a mix video of several odorite(s) (person who try to dance) for ‘Blessing’.

I also want to give a SUPER BIG PRAISEEEEE DAMNIT!!! for the one who has brought this song into life: Halyosy. Really, this guy is SUPER COOL! I like his songs so much including this one. Why? BECAUSE his song has good arrangement, nice melody, and meaningful lyrics… I want to hug him!!!! *sob*

PS.: And also… why do I feel like MastaH’s voice sounds alike with Amatsuki’s (天月)? Amatsuki’s voice is so cute, like the voice of North Italy from Hetalia… That’s why when I listen to MastaH’s voice, I am almost fangirling… “OMG, It’s Italy!!!”


1. Vocaloid Wiki [link] ~ without information collected by Vocaloid Wiki’s users, I probably do not know the history of the song and how amazing it is… I also might still be ignorant about the another cover of this song. But now, I know that there is another cover, sung by another vocaloid, See-U and See-Woo (Korean). For ‘Blessing’ cover that is not mentioned here, you need to find out for yourself. Just browse YouTube or Nico Nico Douga, okay? There’re lots of them! Or wait for me to edit the post, I guess… 🙂

2. Occasional Subs is one of the subbers who translate Kanji into English and other languages. Really, without them, this cover would not probably be born. Thinking it like that, it really saddens me. Thank God… [link] Yep, the english translation that I put here is taken from ‘Blessing ~World Edition~’ video that they’ve translated.