I want to post this on my blog’s anniversary but it kept being delayed for a month. But here it is.

The first time I heard the song, I was mesmerised by the instruments. I love it. so. freakingmuch. I kept searching for the lyric but couldn’t find it. But finally, I searched back in 2017 (about a month ago) and found a lead. I don’t know why I can’t find it previously, seeing the lead source was published near the released date of the mini album (released date: 31 Dec 2015; lead source lyric published date: 26 Jan 2016; me finding out the song: around April 2016. See my point? SEEE?????). But never mind- maybe I was just tired and so my eyes missed the link in the search page–whatever. I can sing it now. And you can sing it too now! 😀

When I listened to ‘Last Mermaid‘, I really feel like I was under the sea, with the sound of water clinking on the surface… The sadness, how it feels so dulls… the silent struggle. The silent frustration. The FEELS!! it really washes my heart for some reasons.

The Jazz… the piano and nero’s voice… NGGGHHH!!

I can roughly grasp the meaning, because there’re lines that means these: ‘My first and last mermaid… When the dawn come, you’ll be gone.’ or things like that. I know it is indeed a sad story. I guess it is based on a fairytale ‘Little Mermaid’. You know how it truly ends in that story, don’t you? Not the one by disney where everything is happy ending but the one where the mermaid choose to let go of the prince and become foam instead.

But I don’t know the exact meaning so I hope someone else can do that for us. Understanding the meaning means we are appreciating the lyricist too (aside from our own interest hehe)

Disclaimer: This song belongs to its respective creators. Certainly not mine.

Last Mermaid

Composer (作曲): Mochiyama Shouko (持山翔子)
Lyricist (作詞): Uyu
Singer (歌) : nero
Mini Album (ミニアルバム) : Last Mermaid, track 1 (of 5)

Japanese lyric


Asa to yoru no aida de kimi wa me* wo tojita
Gozen san-ji no kanjou ga suimen ni hirogaru
Ikitsugi no renshuu wa doudai?
Yatto narete kita ka na?
Toiki kasane futari de shinkai ni ochiyou…
“Jibun ni jishin nai no…”
Sonna koto mou iwasenai
Mujihi na yami wo kakikesu
Mahou wo kakete ageru
Boku no saisho de saigo no mermaid (MAAMEIDO)
Kimi ga moshi boku wo erande kureta nara
Nando demo oyasumi no kiss (KISU) wo shiyou
Itsuka awa ni natte kieteshimau mae ni
Donna ni chikaku ni itemo
Kokoro wa ima da tooi…
Motto boku no namae wo yonde yo anytime
Kirei de kitanai michisuu no sekai de
Kimi ni deaeta kiseki wo
Otogi banashi ni shitaku wa nai
最高の夜にしようUnder the sea
Boku no saisho de saigo no mermaid (MAAMEIDO)
Kimi no kakushita kokoro minuite miseru kara
Saikou no yoru ni shiyou under the sea
Aozameta tsuki ga kieteshimau mae ni
Nari hibiku shinzou no oto ni
Sotto mimi wo sumasete
Ronriteki shikou zenbu hagashite
ねぇ 溺れて見せてよ至純の愛に
Odori akasou
Mata konya mo naraku no soko wa neverland (NEBAARANDO)
Nee… oborete misete yo shijun no ai ni
Boku no saisho de saigo no mermaid (MAAMEIDO)
Kimi ga moshi boku wo erande kureta nara
Nando demo nando demo kiss (KISU) wo shiyou
Itsuka awa ni natte kieteshimatte mo ii
Asayake ni tsutsumareta
Mabuta wo hiraku toki
Boku no koto wo omoidashite…

(*) the kanji is [瞳] = ‘hitomi (ひとみ)’ which means ‘eyes’. But nero sings it ‘me (め)’ which probably refers to [目], also has the same meaning. So I just add it in the kanji column.

List of Mistakes in Romanising It:

  1. [間] -> haita, aita = aida (DAAAMNNN)
  2. [未知数] -> michizu = michisuu (ARRR)
  3. [論理的思考] -> (okay honestly I can’t catch anything so I just turn to help) = ronritekishikou (and now after I know how to read it, I can hear it that way too… human’s mind is weird indeed.)


  1. Fin, FLY iN AQua… on 天空部落 for the Japanese lyric, here. I found out the composer and lyricist from that post too. It is a Chinese user in Chinese Blog Website; they seems to be a big fan of cleanero. If you understand Chinese, you can stalk them too 😉 I bet it’s worth your time. BUT unfortunately, I’ve just checked it now and their posts in that blog has gone (le gasp! indeed!!) even though the trace of their posts still exist in their homepage. There’s so many oddity around me that I don’t understand, wow @.@
  2. Hear the sample of the song directly from nero! here. This album is sold for the first time on Event Comiket C89 which has long been passed. But I guess we can still buy it on lagoa shop, here.
  3. Jisho for the help.

I want to rant for a bit :’O

There are so many songs I want to sing… to romanise… but not enough patience and time to make it work Q.Q I want to type my imagination and continue writing stories I’ve made long ago too Q.Q I wish I can use my time wisely and not just enjoying manga…