I haven’t slept yet but today has become tomorrow in my place (yes, now is Thursday), so let’s call today as yesterday (does it confused you?)

YESTERDAY MANY THINGS WENT WRONG (even though there’s so many BL updates), from when I woke up until this late of night. Things with vehicles, cockroaches, laptop crashing, tax, hungry, dealing with works, etc etc… But my mood has been better because of this video that I’m currently sharing with you here. And since it has become a new day, I conclude, all my misfortune was totally on yesterday. The solution is to arrive at the new day (haha). (edit: apparently not. Because just a moment ago, my laptop crashes again)

Okay, do you know this video? It is so cute and funny!! I’ve watched it several years ago but I’m revisiting this video because I actually wanted to post lyric post about Smiley*2G’s song (but then end up in bad mood earlier).

I like it how they are so carefree, has dumb attitudes, frustratingly cute, and freaking handsome! I also like how the sensei is just ‘let it be, let it~’ hahahaha.. I can laugh and lift my mood because of them. It’s like, “oh youth. I wanna experience it again” even though my youth is absolutely not like that at all and will not be like that even if human can do a take-over. I really like high school stories and atmosphere… And Smiley Gakuen in particular is SUPER CUTEEEEE!!

And I always laugh when the sheep turns into Hitsujikawa Jun (Rumdarjun’s chara). Well, the name indeed has ‘sheep’ in it, but really????? you want to be a sheep??? lol! Jun, yes, fine, you are a sheep! You’re so cool but silly! And everyone else is characteristically charming 😉 Mucchi is also accident-prone! Like, oh my poor child! I could comment on all character but I guess I save that for later.

I wish they were not disbanded, but oh well. I’ll just enjoy the remnant of it.


  1. junjouAi for the video with english translation. Without the translation, I could understand it less and probably just enjoy the picture haha!
  2. More about Smiley*2G? Go to Utaite Wiki about it, here. More about the family of St. Smiley Gakuen? Go to their official website, here.