Hello again guys, I am so missing from my own blog, I admit that. I wish I have more time to do this as I love doing it so much but apparently I enjoy reading manga for my relaxation after working more than blogging. I just hope I can balance the time for it from now on.

So now I’m posting the lyric of “Happiness” by Itowokashi. Yes, I knew this song when it was released in 2016 (the 30s video) but I thought ‘Ah, I’ll wait for the full song (in album)’. Then I kinda forgot about it until I saw someone search for this lyric song in my blog. Then I thought, ‘Okay, which album? No plan yet? oh well, why not? It’s only 30s! At least I can do this much.’

So here it is… I do not present it in table like always since it is kinda pointless (it’s only one paragraph/section of the song).

Disclaimer: Totally not mine.

Composer, Lyricist, Singer (作曲・作詞・歌) : Itowokashi (イトヲカシ)

旅立つ 君の行方に
Tabidatsu kimi no yukue ni
幸せと 笑い声が 溢れるように
Shiawase to waraigoe ga afureruyouni
ありがとう この気持ちを
Arigatou kono kimochi wo
Okuru kotoba ni shiyou

*Roughly, the meaning is this:

I go to where you are because I want to be filled with happiness and your laughter
I want to give you this: “Thank you for this feeling that you’ve given to me”

Did you hear Lefty-san’s voice? You hear it right??? HOW IS IT FOR YOU????


This song makes me feel warm (also there’s a hint of sadness, is it just me or…?) and I love it already (even though it is only 30s!).

AND, yes, I cannot refrain myself from commenting this particular subject. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS CUT THEIR OWN FACES FROM THE MARKETING MATERIAL??? They always hide it well, gosh I’m going crazy! Oh well, at least they’re not wearing masks so I can see his mouth more clearly (haha) and I am convinced of the way he sings… And this time I can see him plays guitar as well… and since I can see his chest and shoulder now, I definitely agree with how Itou-san has been portrayed in the artwork version. IT IS SO MY TYPE *nosebleed* *shot


  1. 彩 伽 on YouTube for uploading this 30″ short recording video. The video came from Itou Kashitarou’s twitter update on March 4, 2016, here. I wonder if this song will ever be released in full… or is it only available in 30″? Because I’m so going to collect it when it is available in full!