Hello visitors ^^ Welcome to my blog (2).

Why #2? Because I’ve just changed the theme of my blog and so… I guess I need a new introduction.

PreciousAll is a personal blog containing things I have interests in. It is totally random but mostly consisted of lyric post for Japanese song that I currently fan over (Utaite, DEEN, Mrs. GREEN APPLE, and …)

I still don’t have a valid menu for this blog, but I am indeed intended for pages to be put in the menu section. So, how this theme makes the menu like this is totally agreeable. I maintain the ‘search box’ so you can search whatever you want to see in my blog (of course, it doesn’t mean you will get what you seek – because I probably do not have them). You can also search for related post by clicking the tag you want (it is presented after the post).

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Feel free to browse my posts. I hope it provides you with something useful. Don’t forget to come again ^^