I’ve been missing from my own blog!! I can’t believe it! Even though I’ve just held my own blog’s anniversary last May.

The reason for this is because I’ve found a job! (YASH, now I have a job *grin*)

I’ll probably gonna write an entry about it, but not now.

Because I am recently hired and have my own online shop too to manage, I don’t think I can blogging as much as I want. It seems again, I eat my own commitment to post something at least once a week. But I’ll try to fulfill it! Promise! Let me try my ground and stabilise my feet. Everything will be fine.

And I actually want to post lyric post about Itowokashi’s new songs (YAAASHHH, I’ve been wanting to romanise it!!) I don’t know whether there’s anyone else who’s working on this, but I’m definitely working on it. But work is in the way. Don’t expect too much. I will keep looking out if there’s someone working on this (I’ll add it to my database and share it with you)

But just like before, I can suddenly post something (just like before. It seems I like to be unpredictable). So… is it hiatus time? Probably is, probably not too. For those who came, feel free to explore my blog 😀

Good day, everyone!