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The Law of Hello and Good Bye (ハローグッバイの法則) is released as the last track of album ‘8-Bit Cider’ on August 20th, 2014. Two days later, Ramune published the PV for the song on NND. He put a tagline “a one time meeting” in video description. I don’t know the meaning… but I think it is a cute and yet also a sad love song. Cute because I detect the existence of ‘awkward’ and ‘longing’ feeling in the lyric, but also sad because with a meeting (hello) comes a parting (good bye), sooner or later. I don’t know what makes them apart (I hope it’s not because death again) but this person says he will keep singing for her sake.

Actually I stumbled upon this song not because I was searching for it in NND or YouTube. It’s because I am in the quest to collect albums in which Eve is singing and this song is included in one of his album: oyasumi (おやすみ). True enough the one who covers this song in that album is yurin, but the trigger is Eve, ehehe (… honestly, what am I babbling about?) Among other songs in that album, I like this one the most. The intro guitar is so… nice. However, I think the climax is not good enough.

Disclaimer: This song belongs to Ramune. Not mine.

The Law of Hello and Good Bye

Lyricist and Composer (作詞・作曲) : Ramune (ラムネ)
Singer (歌) : Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Album (アルバム) : 8-Bit Cider (ハチビットサイダー), track 14 (of 14)

Japanese lyric


今日の出来事とか 些細なジョークすら
壁なんか無いのに どうしてなんだろう もう
Kyou no dekigoto toka sasai na joke (JOOKU) sura
Kimi no mae de wa jouzu ni hanasenai…
Kabe nanka nai noni Doushite nan darou mou?
Kimi no mae de wa sunao ni waraenai…
Kanzen koutei no koe wo mata hoshigatteshimatta
zenshin zenrei no uta wo sakebu tame ni
少しだけ涙乾く 何でもない日だって僕を思ってくれ大好きな君に会える 大層な夢を聞いてほしかった Sukoshi dake namida kawaku nandemo nai hi datte boku wo omottekure
Daisuki na kimi ni aeru taisou na yume wo kiite hoshikatta
君の体温とか 手の感触だってもう
寂しくなんかないのに 寂しくなんかないのに
Kimi no taion toka te no kanshoku datte mou
Wasureteshimau kurai nara iranai na
Samishiku nanka nai noni samishiku nanka nai noni
Doushite kimi no koto bakari ukabu nda?
Kanzen koutei no koe shika kikoenakunatteshimatta
Atarimae ni omou boku wo shouganai* to shikattekure
狡賢(ずるがしこ)い知恵を学ぶ 最低だってきっと気付けない僕だけど
大好きな君の声を 何時までだってずっと聞いていたかった
Zurugashikoi chie wo manabu saitei datte kitto kidzukenai boku dakedo
Daisuki na kimi no koe wo itsumade datte zutto kiiteitakatta
サイレンが胸を突く 夕焼けが目に沁(し)みる さよならはいつか来る Siren (SAIREN) ga mune wo tsuku yuuyake ga me ni shimiru sayonara wa itsuka kuru
そして平凡な日々に縋(すが)る 何でもない日だって僕を助けてくれ 嗚呼
大好きな君の為に 何時までだってずっと僕は唄ってる
Soshite heibon na hibi ni sugaru nandemo nai hi datte boku no tasuketekure, aa..
Daisuki na kimi no tame ni itsumade datte zutto boku wa utatteru

(*) This [仕様がない] should have been romanised to ‘shiyouganai’, but I put ‘shouganai’ instead. It’s the same thing though 😮

Notes: Yeah, my hearing fails again! After listening to the song, I thought this kanji [平凡] is to be romanised to ‘eigo’ but it’s wrong. The correct one is ‘heibon’.


  1. 初音ミク Wiki for Japanese lyric of this song, here.
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  3. CAM VOCALOID for uploading the video in YouTube.