I first made this blog and my first post on May 13th, 2015. Seeing today is May 13th, 2016… it means, I have run this blog for one year! YAY!!!

It’s weird to celebrate it on my own, anyway…


(cough, cough) I wish this blog can develop more. Thus, I develop several commitments that I will take in blogging.


  1. I will post at least once per week (so there will not be such no-news-March ever again).
  2. There will always be lyric post and more lyric link post. This activity helps me greatly in learning Japanese and singing my favourite songs correctly. It’s helpful for you and for me. It’s also entertaining. I won’t stop. I just hope I get better by the second anniversary later… like, I can translate stuff or something (please yes, PLEASEE)
  3. As you can see, my lyric posts mostly consist of lyric for Utaite original song or DEEN’s. The reason for it is because it is what I’ve been listening into. I’m not aiming at Japanese music in general.
  4. I want to post anime/film/manga/story review or summary (whichever my moods going) and I WILL DO IT THIS YEAR!! LOTS OF IT! WISH ME LUCK!
  5. I’ll try to increase picture’s existence in my posts (ha)
  6. I will add menu and a banner for this blog. When will it be…? Well, before you know it, this blog will suddenly change appearances ehehe

If I have new plan along the way, I’ll update you again like always :p

Ah, again, since this is personal blog, there will be lots of post that may not be your interest (like this one probably). It’s bound to happen. So for followers, if you decide this blog is no longer relevant to your interest, feel free to unfollow me anytime you want. It will sadden me but it’s all fair and square.

I have nothing to post right now, but I have prepared some lyric post for tomorrow. So, until tomorrow! 😀