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Yeah! Finally I get this song! I have a strong feeling for this song because of several reasons: 1) this song is also in one of my sister’s many cassette recorder. The cassette is not broken, but the voice is definitely become eerie. I never played it again, 2) It is one of those old songs that accompany me in growing up; one of the reason I’ve become accustomed to Japanese song, and 3) I’ve associated this song with something and I cannot forget the feeling.

You know, when we associate something together, we cannot think one without thinking the other one, right? The same thing happened to this song. Every time I heard or remembered this song, all I could think about is one of Indonesia’s tragic history that I’ve read as a child. Why? Because when I read that history, I played this song and somehow it really fit the atmosphere; and thus it somehow became that history’s BGM for me. I really love history such as this even though it pain me to read it. Full of mysteries that needs to be revealed. What a contradiction right?

At that time, that black history is called and known as ‘G30S/PKI’; a very controversial history in Indonesia during New Order era and even now. This topic still being researched further even now, though now the event’s name became just ‘G30S’. It happened when the world was still at Cold War phase. Let me cut it here. If I went further about that, this post will never finish and the lyric will never be seen by you. I probably will make a separate post if I’ve done my research (I’m currently not following it).

This song itself have nothing to do with the black history I’ve mentioned. It is in fact a sad love song, about yearning someone. Begging them not to go, wishing to stay by their side… believing that they will come back, so on and so forth. I wish someone can translate them (again, haha!).

Disclaimer: This beautiful sad melancholic song is not mine to claim. I’m not the great THE ALFEE, how can I… Please enjoy the song if you like it. For the already fans, if you know their other songs that has this kind of feeling or melody, please share it with me. Thank you and enjoy 🙂

COMPLEX BLUE ~愛だけ哀しすぎて~
COMPLEX BLUE ~Ai Dake Kanashisugite~

Lyricist and Composer (作詞・作曲) : Takamizawa Toshihiko (高見沢俊彦)
Singer (歌) : THE ALFEE
Single (シングル) :COMPLEX BLUE ~愛だけ哀しすぎて~, track 1 (of 4)

Japanese lyric


Kuchibiru ga kawaku mae ni
Yasashiku kuchidzuke* wo…
SAYONARA wa tameiki de
Kikoenai furi wo shita
Daki au dake de yuruseru
Sonna koi janakatta kedo.
Itsuwari no hohoemi ni
Kokoro ubawareteta!
だけど 行かないで 行かないで
Dakedo ikanai de, ikanai de!
Itai hodo suki dakara
Anata wo shinjite machitsudzuketa,
Ai dake kanashisugite…
でも今夜 そばにいさせて
Itsuka doko ka de aeta nara?
Shirankao shite mo ii
Demo konya soba ni isasete
Ano hito to onaji youni
見つめるだけで ジェラシー…
Mitsumeru dake de jealousy (JERASHII)
Subete wo motomesugita koi
Ate no nai yakusoku ni
Kokoro shibarareteta!
愛よ 泣かないで 泣かないで
Ai yo nakanai de, nakanai de!
Sugaritsuku wake janai
Anata ga hoshigatta nukumori wa
Watashi dake janakatta!
Anata ni deatta yoru ni
Mouichido kaereru nara
Motsureta ito wo hodoite
Omoide wo shizuka ni koroshitai
Kasane au yubisaki kara kokoro ga sure chigau!
だけど 行かないで 行かないで
Dakedo ikanai de, ikanai de!
Doushite mo suki dakara
Anata wo shinjite machitsudzuketa
Ai dake kanashisugite
だけど 愛してる 愛してる
Dakedo aishiteru! Aishiteru!
Akiramekirenai hodo
Ai dake kanashisugite…

(*) These kanji [接吻], are commonly romanised to ‘seppun (せっぷん)’ which means ‘kiss’. But the singer sings ‘kuchidzuke (くちづけ)’ instead. I looked up Jisho and found nothing on how to read it like that except the existence of one record: someone’s name. So, I just assume that it is indeed can be read as ‘kuchidzuke’ and have meaning ‘kiss’ as well.


  1. SoundHound application for working brilliantly and have a cool database. A really cool app! Just humming the song and then it will suggests what songs similar with the humming. Because of this I can reunite with this song once more and forever… I’m super happy because of it (I need to try a few times, humming different parts of the song, but the point is: it works!!)
  2. XxGENESISxX for uploading the Japanese lyric of this song in JPopAsia, here. You can also find the lyric in KasiTime, here. Ofc you can find the Japanese lyric in another sites as well…
  3. poko maki for uploading this song in their YouTube account.
  4. Jisho, for their practicability 😀