One morning, about two weeks ago, I found myself wondering about the wish I have before, the one that I’ve written in my DEEN’s post: if google can search songs by humming, that would be pretty awesome. But, damn, google cannot do it, so… bummer.

While I thinking that, I lazily typed ‘finding song by humming’ on google search and found several findings; one of them is an article by Saikat Basu in Guiding Tech. The title caught my attention because that’s definitely the answer I was searching for: finding song by humming. Why humming? Because I don’t know who the artist is, the title, the singer, or any identity of the song except the tune. I know one or two words of the lyric but it is too scattered it wouldn’t help me found the song (I’ve tried it previously).

So, I clicked it and found a very to the point article. I was curious and felt a mix between happy and nervous. Because I couldn’t let myself be happy before I made sure that it really works. ‘So, why don’t I try the first suggestion? Yeah, midomi it is.’ I clicked the hyperlink and it brought me to its website, which is indeed pretty neat as is written by Saikat Basu. But how and where should I humming it? I didn’t have a clue!

That’s when my eyes landed at SoundHound banner. It’s an android application. Since I’m using one myself, well… ‘okay, let’s try it. If it doesn’t work, I can always uninstall it.’ And after I installed it, I tried to find the song I’ve yearn by humming immediately.

‘What a disappointment!’ was my first thought. Because they didn’t showed me the result of the song that I’ve expected. The song I hummed about is Japanese, but the suggestion is English song. Does Midomi and SoundHound not have a music database for non-english song? Ah, that’s bullshit! Because I saw several Japanese songs on display in Midomi website.

‘It’s just the first try. Let’s try some more…’ and so I tried again, using different part of the song to hum… and after several attempt, the suggestion came up with Japanese title. THAT’S IT! Maybe this is the one… I tried clicking the sample song but it cannot be played (or maybe there isn’t one in the first place), but they gave me links to that song (official or not) on YouTube. So played the video and… I heard the song that I’ve been searching for! I found it! I really found the song!! It’s “THE ALFEE – COMPLEX BLUE ~Ai Dake Kanashisugite~”

“YES YES YEEEEEEESSS!!! I FOUND IIIIIIIT!!!!” X’D I really found it! Whether it is a popular song or not, doesn’t matter to me. What’s matter is this song used to accompany me in growing up and I need to collect it, and now that I found it, I have a lead to collect it! YEAHA!

You know what? In fact, THE ALFEE is a pretty famous Japanese old rock band and is still exist until now. If only I knew better… For now, I planned to explore THE ALFEE’s song now, in case there might more songs that I previously loved and then found, or a completely new adoration.

Since the first application works, I don’t need to try the rest. I can always try them later if I cannot find the song again using the first one. But I guess, if after trying the three of them, we still cannot find the song… it’s probably because they don’t have it in their database. Such is… like when I hummed Itowokashi’s song: ‘Re:Milkyway’, SoundHound cannot gives me the correct answer. I guess Utaite’s song is harder to find… but Utaite has a large fanbase along with the Vocaloid one, so I know it’s not hard to find their song in case I forgot the title/any identity of the song again (but with Utaite’s song that I like, it’s impossible for me not to know. The me now really concerns with such things after all 😛 The me now will not only remember the tune.)

SoundHound should collaborate not only with YouTube but NND as well (and other music platforms) but that’s what I wanted of course.

So… big applause to Saikat Basu and the owner of that application! Thank you so much for the article hehe. If you have the same problem as me, please try this method and the application I used. If you cannot succeed, try other application as is suggested in his article. See credits for  link to the article.

P.S.: When I am impressed by the application since it can find the song I’ve been searching for, I saw their information again, and I’m surprised that they have existed for a long time… Like 2008? I’m not entirely sure but it’s it quiet long? The point is WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THIS TIME??? Drowing in misery for such a long time when the solution has always been right there… Damn it.


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