Why I suddenly make this post (although it seems like an obsolete news)? Because I’ve just recently known it! I knew about this album when I visited hikarinoakariost website and I screamed, yes I SCREAMED of happiness!! “WHAT!? NEW ALBUM!??? WHAAAAT!!!??” and then I flew to Utaite Wiki of his and found that this information is for real.

Oh yes, forgive me, because I’m so slow with news. I’m not really following the news of even my favourite singer (yeah, annoyingly and sadly, I am really this kind of person), so… that’s why I stumble upon this album so late. The positive thing is, I finally know it. New album, more of his voice, and that means, HEAVEN! *melt

‘Hoshi Neko’ Cover Album

‘Hoshi Neko’ is released on March 18th, 2016 (or 17th, idk).  And always, with Itou Kashitarou, you cannot expect him to leave cats alone, right? The first mini album also has cats… (remember? ‘my little white cat’?) and now ‘hoshi neko’, roughly translated, it should be ‘Cat/Kitty Star’ ahhahaha *shot, what I mean is a configuration of stars and thus it formed a cat shape. See in the album’s cover? There’s a constellation that resembles a four foot animal in the upper right cover: a cat. And there’s also his cats on the ground, next to him.

(click the title for lyric link; lyric is available in kanji, romaji, and english translation)
I’ll update the lyric link when I found the sources 🙂

  1. Hokkyokusei (北極星)  作詞・作曲:伊東歌詞太郎 [see video]
  2. Tower (タワー)  作詞・作曲:KEI [see video]
  3. Milk and Coffee (ミルクとコーヒー)  作詞・作曲:伊東歌詞太郎 [see video, NND]
  4. Role Praying  作詞・作曲:伊東歌詞太郎 [see video, NND]
  5. Kimi wo Tsurete (君をつれて)  作詞・作曲:伊東歌詞太郎 [see video]
  6. Eye Examination / Shiryoku Kensa (シリョクケンサ)  作詞・作曲:40mP [see video]
  7. Reckless Rampage Girl / Chototsu Moushin Girl (猪突猛進ガール)  作詞・作曲:れるりり [see video]
  8. The Nighthawk’s Star / Yodaka no Hoshi (よだかの星)  作詞・作曲:伊東歌詞太郎 [see video, NND]

I prefer his version of ‘Tower’ in COF album to this one here, but hearing new version is always refreshing 😀

YES!! Finally his self-cover for ‘Milk and Coffee’ is released here! I love this song when I found GUMI singing it. And I fall in love more when I found Itou Kashitarou singing it too, and even when I knew he was the one who made it! However, to be honest, I found the middle part where the melody suddenly changes as odd. It’s better in Kashi-san’s version but in GUMI’s version, it is really odd. Just my opinion tho. Reading the meaning and seeing the illustration in fansub video long time ago, my imagination go wild. What the… And when I found that warning in Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki that this song is not suitable for younger audience… hmm~ so, it is really ‘adult’ theme; I laughed. So I’m not wrong XD

I love ‘Role Praying’. The meaning is so deep, it’s beautiful. The reason I like it is probably because I can relate to it in someway. The moment ‘Role Praying’ starts, I can’t react. I keep listening and wonder why it hurts… and now that I know the meaning, I cry. It hurts. so. much. How he shouts as if desperate, and then when we enter the verse, the melody is gradually built up; stating facts, trying to convince oneself…  the bridge part is so pleasant to listen to: the solution, a conviction. ‘Role Praying’ is really a masterpiece.

“I can’t fly;
I know I can’t fly,
thus I’ll cherish everything I see in my heart,
and I’ll walk on my two feet.” […]

“There are things I want to get back,
but I can’t go back on this path I’ve chosen,
so I’ll keep on walking, for there’ll come a day
when I find other things important to me.” […]

“So I’ll just focus on the one most important thing to me,
and I’ll begin my own happy story from here on out,
and there’ll surely come a day when we’ll find each other
in the middle of our paths.” […]

Just a moment please :p

Hey actually I also want to rant here about how his discography list didn’t reflect on all his albums when I began this post twelve days ago (April 11th, 2016). But when I resumed my writing on this post and checked again… the page has been updated! ‘my little white cat’ and ‘Hoshi Neko’ is also there; and thus I’m content and cancel my rant.


  1. Itou Kashitarou Official Website. (2016.03.02). “ミニアルバム『ほしねこ』発売決定!”
  2. Utaite Wiki – Itou Kashitarou Page. Real saviour.
  3. Hikarinoakariost for sample songs. ARIGATOU!!
  4. Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki for lyrics of track no. 2, 3, 6, 7,  . Hazuki no Yume for lyric and english translation of track no. 4 ‘Role Praying’; Vocaloid Lyrics for Japanese lyric and Blkwingsgirl for lyric and english translation of track no. 8 ‘Yodaka no Hoshi’. All belongs to respective owners 🙂
  5. Buy the CD in actfamily for 2000 yen (idk about shipping cost tho).
  6. Also, don’t forget to follow Itou Kashitarou, hehe: [Website][NND][YouTube][twitter][ameblo][LINE Blog – scan his QR Code in his twitter to follow his LINE] Sadly for non-Japanese readers (like me), we can’t really know what he wrote there.

P.S. : I will add more link and description to this post if I found posts for the missing link.