DEEN’s song, ‘Glory Day‘, is released in 2009 as part of album ‘LOVERS CONCERTO’. The name of the album is so romantic, so yeah, you can rest assured; all songs in that album is romantic. This one is especially sweet! Because this song is about a person’s thoughts and wishes about their someone special.

This is the rough meaning that I do not dare to put it in English translation column (because maybe not all of them are right): Thinking only about that one person makes me notice you more. And you keep being there, smiling to me. For the first time, I can believe in a dream. However I understand that you’ve stuck with me through the bad and that’s why I want to love you. You’re always there beside me laughing, creating light that’s been dying. Now and here, I can truly feel how it is to be alive. And all I’ve been thinking now is how I wish to keep alive despite it’s not a hard era anymore. The most important thing is just one, the Glory Day.

This previous road, what is it again? Even though we have no map, we will be fine. We will always laugh together; Because here is our most precious thing. I always live thinking only about myself, but now ‘goodbye’ to those ‘self’ thought. Please cry beside me more, pour it out all. Because that sadness will be faded away someday. And from now on, let’s walk toward the dream of tender future together. That is the wish that we’ve drawn, the Glory Day.

I sing beside you as if my voice is broken, even though I don’t have any special power. Please understand that you are essential for my happiness. More than anything, please entrust your happiness to me, The Glory Day.

I don’t know if that translate is good enough, but see! OH GOD, overflowing sweetness!!! It’s so deep! I can die from smiling too much! Either this guy is a hopeless romanticist or simply so good at flirting :p

See… how romantic it is? Don’t you agree that it is a cute song with a cute melody? You can think of it as a proposal song. Yeah, right… maybe it’s better if we just skip all that jazz and make it a wedding song? (ha, I wish).

Psst, Itou Shungo’s voice is cute, isn’t it? 😀

Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine.

Glory Day

Lyricist (作詞) : Ikemori Shuuichi (池森秀一)
Composer (作曲) : Yamane Kouji (山根公路)
Singer (歌) : DEEN & ITOU SHUNGO (イトウシュンゴ)
Album (アルバム) : LOVERS CONCERTO, track 4 (of 11)

Japanese lyric


たったひとりの人 思うだけで
初めて 夢を信じてくれた
Tatta hitori no hito omou dake de
Konna ni tsuyoku ireru to shitta
Kimi wa itsumo koko de hohoende iru
Hajimete yume wo shinjite kureta
だけど知っているよ 隣り合わせの脆さを
Dakedo shitte iru yo tonari awase no morosa wo
Dakara kimi wo aishitai
ずっと君のそばで笑おう 芽生えた光 枯れぬよう
大事なものはただ一つだけさ The Glory Day
Zutto kimi no soba de waraou mebaeta hikari karenuyou
Ima koko ni ikiteru koto wo kanjite
Subete omou youni ikite ikeru jidai janai keredo
Daiji na mono wa tada hitotsu dake sa The Glory Day
この道の先には 何があるだろう
僕らは 地図がなくても行ける
ここには 宝物があるから
Kono michi no saki ni wa nani ga aru darou?
Bokura wa chizu ga nakute mo ikeru
Kitto itsumo futari waratte irareru
Koko ni wa takaramono ga aru kara
Itsumo jibun no koto dake wo kangaete ikitekita
Sonna jibun ni SAYONARA sa
もっと僕のそばで泣いて 思い切り涙流せば
そしてここから歩き出そう 優しき未来の夢へと
それが僕らの描いた願いさ The Glory Day
Motto boku no soba de naite omoikiri namida nagaseba
Kanashimi ga itsu ka kiete yuku kara
Soshite koko kara arukidasou yasashiki mirai no yume e to
Sore ga bokura no egaita negai sa The Glory Day
君のそばで歌おう たとえ声がつぶれようとも
特別な力 何もないけど
誰よりも君のこと 幸せにするよ
僕を信じて The Glory Day
Kimi no soba de utaou tatoe koe ga tsubureyou tomo
Tokubetsu na chikara nani mo nai kedo
Boku no shiawase ni wa kimi ga hitsuyou da to wakatteru yo
Dare yori mo kimi no koto shiawase ni suru yo
Boku wo shinjite The Glory Day


  1. Lyrics Wikia’s page of DEEN’s song: ‘Glory Day’ in Japanese and Romaji. Yep, you read it right. I copied the lyric from their page and edited it to my version. Gosh, now I feel awful…
  2. JM-KitSin for uploading this song LIVE version on Tudou, here. I actually wanna embed it here like always but apparently it cannot be done, so I’ll just give you the link. Please check out this person’s account for more DEEN’s LIVE video.
  3. Zing MP3 for the full sample song, here.
  4. Jisho! for helping me figure out the meaning.