When I tried to post things unrelated to lyrics, I realised what a mess my categories are! There are so much categories that I’ve made but only used once or twice, and suddenly I felt like, ‘yikes, I wanted to change it!’

This made me evaluated my tags as well, and suddenly I realised that long before, I used Utaite tag without the kanji, and recently I used it with the kanji. No wonder the statistic that I’ve got regarding the tags mentioned is not the same even though those tags represent the same thing!

Thus I plan on changing my categories and tags on each posts. I think it will took a day (if I committed myself to that the entire day). I will find the date and prepare the equipment needed to do that. For now, I shall think what categories I should use.

And about the tag, so it won’t confuse me later, I decide to merge some tags into one. For example: Utaite, 歌い手; it will be merged into: Utaite (歌い手). The same things will be done to the names of singer, composer, lyricist and anyone else I’ve tagged. However before it can be done, I have a problem. A question to be precise. And if anyone can answer it, it will be very much appreciated.

The question is “For example, if I merge those two tags into one as is demonstrated above, will people who previously followed one of the tag in their reader list get the notification of the post as previously done?”

So it’s like, will people who follows ‘Utaite’ tag get my post which will be tagged ‘Utaite (歌い手)’?

Because if they’re not, I’ll be undecided to merge them. But I really want to merge them! Aah, such is the dilemma.

What do you think? Should I merge it or is it better left like the usual?