EDIT (2016.04.11): video of ‘PARADE’ and link to the lyric; add opinion and edit in general.

My eyes went wide the moment I read it. And I checked it immediately, and almost got shocked when I saw a blank page.

Like… Uh, is it their ideas of April Fool’s day or something…? (Because they announced it today /if I’m not wrong/)

But then I randomly clicked the screen and it showed me another page of theirs. So I guess I just have a really bad connection earlier :p


It is Itowokashi (イトヲカシ) official webpage: itowokashi.jp
It is so easy to be remembered!

And then from that website, I found out that they will release new album this May!!!! *squeal!!!* Prepare yourself!! It’s next month!!! May 11, 2016 yo!



The album’s title, according to dictionary, it is called ‘Kendo Juurai (捲土重来)’; idk if it is right (it is right, I’ve just realised that there are furigana in the cover album). Anyway, It is consisted of six tracks. And I really cannot wait more to hear their songs xD

And of course the page is in Japanese.

You guys too, please check it out! 😀 and they also featured their song which is published in YouTube several one years ago. It is a Christmas song called ‘Parade’; composed by both Itou Kashitarou and LeftyMonster-P. Their song begins in 0:45 minute. They casted real person there (even hashiyan is spotted there), so I thought Lefty-san, Itou Kashitarou-san, and also Taruto-san, might be there as well… (And I kinda guess which ones they are, but… well, never mind).

The song is cute. The video, even though I almost thought it was plotless (is that even a word?), it turns out cute too (not freaking sweet until I get a toothache, no, but it still is cute). The only thing that I don’t like from the video is the fact that the casts smoking. I don’t know why… I’m fine with seeing people smoking in real life, but when I see people smoking in video, I just dislike it. It’s kinda inappropriate imo.

My point is, please watch it 😀 someone has already post the lyric and english translation of the song in WordPress. I’ll refer you to the link when I editted this post in computer (I write it in my handphone now :p ) This is the link to the lyric, published by The Overlord Bear and Emma on Dec 29th, 2015.

Also I wish they’ll include their previously released album and single in the ‘disc’ menu. It’s so disheartening to see they only have one upcoming album in that menu. And while at it, they can embed the video of their album and single crossfades (if there are exist). That would be totally wonderful! Because we need to know each and every album-single they had from the beginning of their collaboration until now! It’s a must!!! whether it is no longer available for sell or otherwise. PLEASEEEEEEEE *crying*

Aah.. well, that’s it. Good day, everyone! :3