Yay!! I really want to do an update about my new obsessions but I refrain myself because it took a lot of time to create those posts and I honestly don’t have the time to do that, BUT I really cannot handle this anymore! I want to share it to you people! This post is not much, and contains only my feelings without any concrete material… Here it goes!

I recently found new BL mangaka that I like to follow due to tumblr influence when I surfed ‘Akatsuki no Yona’ at the time. She is Morimoto Shuu! Up to now, I think there are 4 manga that fans translated: Jinjuu Houretsuden, G-Defend, Asterisk, and Moon Trick. The first manga of hers that I read is Jinjuu and it’s so freaking adorable that I had to have more of it. Thus I tried Asterisk next and it’s just as adorable as Jinjuu. The bromance is so high I can’t handle it! And finally I land my eyes on G-Defend. I avoided this particular manga because when I looked the introduction chapter, the arts really made me lost interest and the flow of story is too sudden that I wondered whether I missed a chapter previously already.
But after I tasted Jinjuu and Asterisk, I knew I had to read G-Defend despite my initial feelings about it.

AND I AM SO GLAD I DECIDED TO ENDURE AND FOUND HAPPINESS AFTER THAT because the arts is gradually becomes better and in fact I like it, also the story is good too! It’s no longer confusing because everything is revealed chapter per chapter at a time. When I think about it, our lives often goes like that too… So now I find how she make the flow of stories is typical of her.

G-Defend is also different from her other mangas because meanwhile the others has shounen-ai genre (cue the bromance), this one is really yaoi. There are real ships here that is canon. And to think it is her oldest manga from the four… It is perfectly understandable if the initial arts not as good as her current ones.

And I decided to review these manga one by one in who-knows-when posts :3 I want to do it! But I don’t know when…

Hidaka Shouko, also a BL mangaka; Natsume Isaku, also a BL mangaka. Their stories is so freaking cute and enjoyable! I keep reading their mangas and rereading them. I can’t get over ‘Hana wa saku ka?’ by Hidaka Shouko… Idk how many times I reread it, I lost count haha. It’s been ended though and I am content with the ending. And ‘Yuuutsu na Asa’. I really love each development in the characters and their cute scenes… And the feelings (overload!!) It’s still ongoing, yes!
Also, ‘ameiro paradox’ by Natsume Isaku. Thank God it’s still ongoing too, so I can look forward to it!

And the BL CD… Ah, it’s heaven.

Since I like reading BL stories, I wonder myself what would my reaction be if I were to see real people go gay for each other. So I surfed YouTube~ trying to find them.
It actually weird me out when I saw real gay couple did it ‘kiss’ and uploaded it on YouTube for the whole world to see. They are really brave but I still don’t understand why…
But actually doesn’t feel disgusted by them. Just feels a bit weird watching it. So, I change the context: gay videos but in stories… So I mean, like gay drama or something, which means the relationship is not really real… (This is a different matter all together with fanmade video based on idols relationships).

I found lots of fanmade videos made up from some dramas… and surprisingly I found it cute (still feels weird)! I want to watch it so much! Thank God the creator of those videos (or the commenter) gave us hints of which dramas those scenes were taken from.

And I decided to look it up.

The first one that I looked up is ‘The Lover’, a Korean drama about lovers who stay together under the same room apartment. There are 4 couple, and one of the couple here have hints of gay relationship.

That couple is Lee Joon Jae (played by Lee Jae Joon) and Takuya (played by Terada Takuya). It’s about how Joon Jae is suddenly falling for Takuya and how he repressed his emotion for him. It’s so funny and cute! I almost think this film wasn’t serious in creating gay scenes for this supposedly couple, but after seeing some reviews, I knew that it is inevitable. At least the show is enjoyable and their relationship progress smoothly. It’s freaking adorable!

The second one is ‘Love Sick The Series’, a Thailand teen-drama. I really love the teen-drama, and when I decided to check it out, I am beyond happy, I am not regretting any of this. It’s super cuteeeee and hilarious! This drama feels so pure and real, and freaking cute! The story is enjoyable, relatable, really shows what teen’s life is… I really love it!

This drama is based on online stories in one of Thailand famous forum: DEK D. The author is INDRYTIMES and she can be reached on twitter… She wrote the novel like she wrote a fanfic which makes reading it pretty easy and let us jump into the story faster. The novel is really enjoyable, and thank God almost all episodes in the series follows the novel closely, dialogue per dialogue or else I would feels disappointed.

The OST is so awesome! I love the songs; they’re easy to listen to! And look! Almost all songs is sung by the characters! It’s so cool!! (Feels like anime and their character cd already)

The point is, I want to do a proper review or post for these series too, but I don’t know when will it be…

I really do want to do a proper post for it. Argh, how should I start this? *thinking hard* Well, I will try to do it because I want to!

Hehe, so… That’s my new obsessions. There are many, but those ones really get me work up. Look at the reblogs in my tumblr if you don’t believe it haha (as if anyone need to know).
Finally I can give it some rest, I am relieved! Now I am dying to get all videos, songs, and everything else that are available to fulfill this thirst. I’ll hunting good computer and good internet connection now… I’m dying to get them immediately!!

Also, because of this, now I am hunting more Thailand dramas, mwehehehe… I should start hunting…