On 15 July 2015, Mikito-P released his first single! The title of the single is ‘Curious (きゅりあす)’. This single contains two new songs of his creation that he sings: 1. Curious and 2. Omou to iu (おもふといふ). Hmm… the hiragana that is used for the title, if it is to be romanised as it is, it would be ‘Omofu to ifu’. So, I am really confused why he used ‘fu’ when what he meant is ‘u’. I haven’t figured it out yet. Well… yes, this post is about the second song 🙂

Have you played the video above? How is the song? Isn’t it cool!? The melody has a hint of sadness, restlessness, and sorrow. And after I seek dictionary, I more or less know that this song is trying to tell us about someone’s frustration and their unrequited love. They want the other person to know their thought, hoping it reaches them, …but it doesn’t.

I think many of us experience this kind of love, whether in our school days or work…  I remember I used to stare into my crush when he’s not looking… hoping he will catch me looking or something. Or when we talk with each other, I remember that I really want to know what he think of me… Aah youth. Now, even though I am still considered young, I am not experiencing that kind of emotion again. I miss it now.

Oh, I think you can use this song to accompany you working at night (midnight). I don’t know why but I do think this kind of song is so suitable to be played past midnight. It will keep you awake (in my case).

Disclaimer: Not mine. Mikito-P owns this song.

Omou to Iu

Lyricist, Composer, and Singer (作詞・作曲・歌) : Mikito-P (みきとP)
Single (シングル) : Curious (きゅりあす), track 2 (of 4)

Japanese lyric


想うという言の葉は未だ 君に 君に伝えられないまま
叶わない恋だと知るも ただそっと手を振るだけ
Omou to iu kotonoha wa mada kimi ni kimi ni tsutaerarenai mama
Kanawanai koi da to shiru mo tada sotto te wo furu dake
夏の香が立ち込める教室(へや) いつも人の視線を浴びる君
敵わない恋だと知るも ただそっと見つめていた
Natsu no ka ga tachikomeru heya itsumo hito no shisen wo abiru kimi
Kanawanai koi da to shiru mo tada sotto mitsumeteita
青天の霹靂でしょう 放課後 居残り フタリキリ
同じような制服なのに つりあわない気がした
Seiten no hekireki deshou houkago inokori FUTARI KIRI
Onaji youna seifuku na noni tsuriawanai ki ga shita
夕暮れに朱く染まった君に 君に恋をしてた
届かない でも届けたい 溢れるこの想いを
Yuugure ni akaku somatta kimi ni kimi ni koi wo shiteta
Todokanai demo todoketai afureru kono omoi wo
秋祭 花火が咲いて ぽつりぽつり涙が零れだす
かりそめの恋じゃ嫌だと 齧る りんご飴
Aki matsuri hanabi ga saite potsuri potsuri namida ga kobore dasu
Karisome no koi ja iya da to kajiru ringo ame
歴史的偶然なのか みつけた 唯一の共通点
夢じゃないってわかってても 期待してしまいそう
Rekishiteki guuzen na no ka? mitsuketa yuiitsu no kyoutsuuten
Yume janai tte wakattete mo kitai shite shimai sou
逢ひ見ずは恋しきことも 遣る瀬ない夜もなかったな
見たくない もう見たくない あの人を追う背中を
Ai mizu* wa koishiki koto mo yaruse nai yoru mo nakatta na
Mitakunai mou mitakunai ano hito wo ou senaka wo
想うという言の葉は未だ 君に 君に伝えられないまま
そのわけを知る君が今 想う人は誰でしょう
Omou to iu kotonoha wa mada kimi ni kimi ni tsutaerarenai mama
Sono wake wo shiru kimi ga ima omou hito wa dare deshou?
不器用に 馬鹿みたいに 君に 君に恋をしてた
誤魔化せないこの熱病に 息のしかた、忘れた
ただ 夕暮れに朱く染まった君に 君に恋をしてた
届かない でも届けたい 溢れるこの想いを
唇をかみしめて 君に手を振った
Bukiyou ni baka mitai ni kimi ni kimi ni koi wo shiteta
Gomakasenai kono netsubyou ni iki no shikata, wasureta
Tada yuugure ni akaku somatta kimi ni kimi ni koi wo shiteta
Todokanai demo todoketai afureru kono omoi wo
Kuchibiru wo kamishimete Kimi ni te wo futta

(*) Again, something is confusing me. This character, [逢ひ] if it was to be romanised, idk, it might be ‘ahi’. But chachajjang romanised it to ‘ai’ and I in fact also heard it like that. So… maybe, again, just as the case with the title, we can ignore it and leave it as ‘ai’. If you know something about it, please enlighten me. Thanks 🙂


  1. I copied the romanisation of the lyrics from chachajjang @ chacha-31.blogspot.com, “mikitoP (みきとP) – Curious (きゅりあ) Single Album Lyrics” and adjusted it to my style 🙂
  2. I copied the Japanese lyric from this song’s PV in Mikito-P YouTube Channel. See it in the video description of ‘Omou to Iu’.