Hello, these days I’ve been particularly active right? Tee hee, because there’s so many things I want to share. I have several announcement:

1. Editting Posts
I’ve realised that many of my previous lyric posts have a bit of disorder (!?) Anyway, I probably go take a look at those posts and edit things a bit. You may not notice the difference afterwards but I still thinks it is necessary now (because it bugs me). You see, there’s some posts that I’ve written the title wrong, and thus the url is a wrong. I plan to change the url and erase the old link that has been distributed in my other’s social media accounts which are tumblr, twitter, and google+.

I’ve already done some changes to some lyric posts these last days without saying that ‘this post has been editted’. You might notice or you might not, and I’m sorry for that, but it is totally necessary (for now and on).

2. Creating Lyric Master List
I also plan to execute what I’ve planned previously about having a lyric master list. My initial idea and what my fellow wordpress suggests are different, but I plan on realising both ideas which you can see after it is finalised.

3. Regular posts
Yeah, finally along with it, I will do my usual… that is posting lyric posts that I’ve been planning to post because I really need to get this emotion off of my chest. I want you to know these songs too! (You probably have but you don’t know that I’m fanning it too right? Ehehehe *shot)

These plans will be execute in a few days. You can look forward to it (or not).

Thanks for visiting this personal blog of mine. I am glad you find my treasures useful.