‘Boku no RANPEIJI-san’ is released in ‘Shoose Box’ album on 4 November 2015. It is composed and written by koyori (KOYORI-SAMA!!!) and sung originally by Shoose. Roughly translated, the title will be my ‘rampage’ but I am not sure whether this rampage here refers to an emotion, or a person, or the person’s other personality.

The reason I like this song is because of the rhythm. The beginning is so good… Don’t you hear how the guitar sound? SO COOL MAN! From lesser sounds and then suddenly every sounds coming together… COOL. And then I can feel the emotion right through every sounds. If only I understand the meaning, that would be better than ever. What’s more, it is koyori’s creation again! ALL HAIL KOYORI-SAMA!!

Shoose’s voice sounds so sexy in my opinion (idk why). And without I even think, I feel he sings like a pro singer hahaha… not that I think any other utaite is not a pro singer by now. It’s just in Shoose’s case, when I heard him sing, ‘pro’ is what immediately comes to  my mind. And his avatar is so ikemen! (add to list). And from what I gathered from tumblr, Shoose is SUPER CLOSE to Aisu to the point of possessive lover (okay, totally off the point, but I can’t help it. My love for BL is on fire, lol).

So… (cough) I really LOVE this song. What makes me sad is… when I try to sing this song together with Shoose (so, using the same key), in the verse part… I almost cannot sing it. It’s too low… My throat hurt ;___; why oh why!

Disclaimer: I do not own the song and lyric. They belong to their respective owners. I AM JUST A FAN WHO WANTS PEOPLE TO LOVE THIS AWESOME SONG TOO!! Seriously guys, full of awesomeness…

Boku no RANPEIJI-san
My ‘rampage’

Lyricist and Composer (作詞・作曲) : koyori (電ポルP)
Singer (歌) : Shoose (しゅーず)
Album (アルバム) : Shoose Box, track 7 (of 16)

Japanese lyric


嗚呼 今日も僕は 小人のように生きている
Aru toki fureta nanigashi ka ni kiinshite?
Aa Kyou mo boku wa kobito no youni ikiteiru
嗚呼 疑わずに走り倦ね でも足掻いた
Saisho ni fureta nanigashi ka wa kibou da to?
Aa utagawazu ni hashiri agu ne demo agaita
正しい事 間違いは何
時には 是非とも
Tadashii koto machigai wa nani?
Toki ni wa zehitomo
引き続きよろしくね 僕のランペイジさん
Shoudou to kanjou de senhiki wo
Shinjite hikigane wo hike
Fuzzy (FAJII) na unmei wo nazore
Hikitsudzuki yoroshiku ne, boku no rampage (RANPEIJI)-san!
相対で気付く 誰かしらとの優劣
嗚呼 僕が幾度 手を挙げても 人は止まらない
Soutai de kidzuku dare kashira to no yuuretsu?
Aa boku ga ikudo te wo agete mo hito wa tomaranai
酷い眩暈 間違い 音無し
今こそ 即座に
Hidoi memai machigai otonashi
Ima koso sokuzani
度々すみませんね 僕のランペイジさん
Okubyou to shinchou no tenbiki wo
Monku wa kokoro ni ii na
Kanjin na yume nigasuna
Tabitabi sumimasen ne, boku no rampage (RANPEIJI)-san!
只管 重ねたノート 隠して破くなら
Hitasura kasaneta note (NOOTO) kakushite yabuku nara
Saisho kara kakanakya ii!
是非とも さあ
Kangaete, kangaete, kangaete…
Maa, seikai mo atta ka na?
Kangaenai, kangaenai, kangaenai…
Gara janai koto shite miyou
Zehitomo saa!
引き続きよろしくね 僕のランペイジさん
Shoudou to kanjou de senhiki wo
Shinjite hikigane wo hike
Fuzzy (FAJII) na unmei wo nazore
Hikitsudzuki yoroshiku ne, boku no rampage (RANPEIJI)-san!
rampage (RANPEIJI)-san-
Kyou datte shikujin da
Ashita datte shikujin da
Nandatte shikujin da
Osewa ni narimasu.
Kyou datte naite nda
Ashita datte naite nda
Dou yatte warau nda,
Mada mada yoroshiku
こうやって笑うんだ Kou yatte warau nda!

Notes: HAHA!! I’m learning… Okay, here’s list of mistakes:

[…] kanji ~ [–>] my attempt ~ [=] the correct romanization (…) my own comment

  1. [倦ね] -> aru ne = agu ne (so hard searching this one. Convert it back to kanji do not let me find it. According to jisho, it is usually written in katakana. No wonder…)
  2. [金] -> game = gane
  3. [臆病] -> honbyou = okubyou
  4. [天引き] -> tenniki = tenbiki
  5. [文句] -> konku = monku
  6. [肝心] -> kanji = kanjin
  7. [書かなきゃ良い] -> dakanakyahii = kakanakya ii


  1. I get the Japanese lyric from Oricon, here: 僕のランペイジさんの歌詞
  2. Jisho again, my saviour!
  3. More about the album? Visit the page, here. All songs in this album are awesome!!
  4. I embedded the crossfade of the album, directly from Shoose’s YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe 😀