I really like all of his songs!! I cannot believe it… And now I love his covers as well!!

Long ago, I come across some of his songs in YouTube. At the time I never thought much of the producer. All I care about is vocaloid and the song:
‘Is my favourite Len and Rin sing it?’ ‘Is it a good song?’ ‘Is it meaningful?’ ‘Wow… The PV looks cute’ and so on, and so forth.
Since at the time, according to Utaite Wiki, he likes using Vocaloid Miki so much, no wonder I haven’t cross path with him. I never search Miki song because I am unfamiliar with her.

Then suddenly I found his song: ‘1, 2 fan club’. I thought it was cute but never more than that (not until I explored Utaite world and become addicted to this song).

And then I explored Utaite world and started blogging. I still haven’t got much clue producer and lalala. I still do the same thing until I found out the importance of the producer! But still not getting into him yet.

Then I guessed I gained awareness that vocaloid has developed so much that there are new vocaloid. All I knew was those from Crypton back in 2011/2012 plus GUMI and Gakupo… So… Heck yeah, who is this ‘MAYU’?

I decided to try MAYU’s song and that’s when I countered Mikito-P again. “Yuudachi no Ribbon”. GOD, that was pretty, emotional, and mysterious song. I love it so much… I made mental note to bookmark him as my favourite producer.

Imagine my surprise when his name keep cropping up in other Utaite’s album!! I get the general feeling that his songs generates and wow, I like it so much!!! ‘Sarishinohara’ ’47’ ‘Akaito’…

And then when I surfed tumblr, I found his self-cover song, ‘Baleriko’. By then I had a taste of his voice…

Truthfully, it never the type of voice that I like. Sounds so lazy and not sincere… I am more prone to immediately like Itou Kashitarou or Ajikko’s voice you know? But at the time, I liked it so much. I really like it… Now, I think I know the reason for it. The type of voice that I like has changed because I’ve tasted more Utaite’s voice colors. Mikito-P’s voice is so similar to that of Natsushiro Takaaki in my opinion. And the same thing happened when I came across Natsushiro’s cover long ago. I just get used to it in order to fully enjoy his song and suddenly I love his voice! And so now, I have no problem with Mikito-P’s voice being like that. In fact, the way he sings is so addicted!!

So, just recently I decided to explore this new found interest I have for Mikito-P and found that he has his own album now!! “Mikiroku”

And I was overjoyed when I saw so many songs of his that he sings! I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!!!! HIS VOICE IS SOOOO *cannot describe it well*, THE COLOR OF HIS SONGS IS SOOO!!!! *also cannot describe it well* Brilliant.


Really tho, I really think that the other nights. I kept listening to his voice and grinning… God, it hurts to like him this much. It’s the same feeling when I cannot get over Itou Kashitarou and how he never take off his mask…

So for now, I am basking myself in his voice and songs… I am listening to his album, viewing his official page in YouTube (yes, he has! Check it out: Mikito-P’s YouTube Official Page), keeping watch of his mylist in NND… God, I feels like stalker again now.

Also, have you heard of his new song (and originally sung by him as well) in his first single: curious ( きゅりあす)? The song is also included in Mikiroku, first track. The middle part (refrain) is so surprisingly fresh… There’s the PV in his channel for the song.

I guess I’ll feature it in my next post when I go to warnet.


How can you be so cool with your music like that? *droll