Today is my father’s birthday.
But unfortunately, it is also an announcement day for my job progress, whether I get accepted into the next stage of recruitment process or not.
I’ve applied jobs in two places for two different job position. The first one I already knew the answer (it’s a positive answer, yay!), and the second one… I haven’t got my hands on it. I’ll probably need to wait till afternoon to know.
I’m not feeling nervous at all. Just feeling curious. What does it mean I wonder…?

Anyway, for now, I’ll enjoy food and think up something to make my father happier today 🙂

About my regular posts, I actually want to fanning about my obsession of a recently-read BL/shounen-ai manga. It’s so adorable ❤ But I refrain myself to do so for the time being. I somehow feels like reviewing a manga will be a lot harder than posting lyric post.

About lyric post, I've already been working on some songs that I like. I'll get my hands to it when I go to warnet (you know, as I've explained before, it is internet cafe-kind of).

And I think I want to improve this blog by giving it a menu now. I want to have a 'Lyric Master List' menu. I haven't posted much lyric post (even though most of my post is lyric posts, cough), but I want to have that menu now. The lyric link in 'Master List' will necessarily link it to my posts, but I will also link it to other's, no matter where they are… The master list is for my own convenient but I think it will greatly benefit you as well.

So, that's it for now. Thanks for always visiting this blog. I hope you find my treasure useful.

NO SPAM PLEASE!!! thanks.