Double Face is released under ‘Smile MiX’ album on 11 June 2014. It is composed by 松井望 and sung by three members of Smiley*2G: Kogeinu, Rumdarjun, and vipTenchou; all in their respective character.

The start of the song is really sudden (a shout), but the verses have mysterious-feel tunes that made my ears caught up in it and listened. It’s fantastic hehe.

I stumbled upon this song because I finally encouraged myself to listen to other songs that I have downloaded previously (You see, in my case, when I REALLY really like a song that I suddenly found, I play just it like a maniac… then after I get my dose of the song…, I move on. BUT I’M NOT TURN THAT SONG INTO A HATE SONG; I’M NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON!! it’s just the frequency I play it again becoming lesser than before…)

I get the Japanese lyric from the scan that is available in the download package from Hikarinoakariost. And I try to romanise it by looking at that. Thankfully I get it right 😀 Still, not with meaning because I am not qualified to translate it.

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Disclaimer: The song and the lyric is not mine. Just thought this song’s tunes is awesome.

Double Face

Lyricist (作詞) : Rumdarjun (らむだ-じゃん)
Composer (作曲) : 松井望
Singer (歌) :
– Inukai Hajime (犬飼一) [CV: Kogeinu (コゲ犬)]
– Amachi Kaname (天知要) [CV: vipTenchou (vip店長)]
– Hitsujikawa Jun (羊川准) [CV: Rumdarjun (らむだ-じゃん)]
Album (アルバム) : Smile MiX, track no. 6 (of 11)

Japanese lyric


重ねあう 君と 君の 心の場所を探し続け secret Kasane au kimi to kimi no kokoro no basho wo sagashitsudzuke secret
Kigatsukeba… hitori kiri de
Mienai kokoro no iki saki ga
Yubisaki de fureta kimi wa
Itsuwari no omokage wo ukabeta mama de
Meguri yuku kisetsu no naka de kawaranai omoi mo aru no?
Oto no nai kotoba ga sotto nageku kokoro wo tsutau!
重ね合う 君と 僕の 瞳の奥何かを探し続け
囁いた いつか いつか 夢の続きを 見せて欲しい my secret
Kasane au kimi to boku no hitomi no oku nani ka wo sagashitsudzuke?
Sasayaita itsuka itsuka Yume no tsudzuki wo misete hoshii my secret
Sabitsuku yume no naka ni
Chirakaru omoide wo sutete
Yubisaki de fureta kimi wa
Dare ka no omoi wo tachikirezu ni ite
Furikaeru kioku wa itsumo kawaranai omoide dake de
Oto no nai kotoba ni sotto nageku kokoro wo kakusu
重ね合う 君と 君の 瞳の奥何かを許せなくて
届かない いつか いつか した約束も 消えてゆく my secret
Kasane au kimi to kimi no hitomi no oku nani ka wo yurusenakute
Todokanai itsuka itsuka shita yakusoku mo kiete yuku my secret
惹かれ合う 僕は 君の 瞳の奥何かを探り続け
囁いた いつか いつか 夢の続きを 待ち続ける
Hikare au boku wa kimi no hitomi no oku nani ka wo saguritsudzuke?
Sasayaita itsuka itsuka Yume no tsudzuki wo machi tsudzukeru
重ね合う 君と 君の 瞳の奥何方も選べなくて
叶わない いつか いつか した約束も 消してゆく my secret
Kasane au kimi to kimi no hitomi no oku dochira mo erabenakute?
Kanawanai itsuka itsuka shita yakusoku mo keshite yuku my secret

Notes: No notes of mistakes here! Yay! *dancing happily*


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