Yahoo… How are you doing? I’m fine, thanks for asking! 🙂 *shot

I’ve always said that I wanted to post something but turned out to be bullshit. And I don’t think my sorry is going to get through you all, but I am still saying it. I’m sorry.

It’s not about my laptop anymore (tho, that’s still the main reason why I don’t update), but more about ‘come on, get your lazy ass up and do something about it!’ thing. Yep, honestly speaking, I’ve become lazier day by day. I’ve become unproductive and I hate it.

Having no job makes me want to sleep all day.

But don’t worry! During that laziness, I’ve produced more lyric post because I really want to sing the song so bad. I want to lost my soul not in my sleep but in my favourite songs. And I will share it to you people.


Because… even though I don’t have internet connection (it’s true) and my laptop is still kinda a shit when connected to internet (ugh, I really want a new one soon), I can still post something by going to warnet!

Yep, warnet. Warnet is an Indonesian term, an acronym for Warung Internet. Okay, fun fact! (I can’t resist myself to tell you more about Indonesia) Warung is a place – tiny scale, like, just a room(s) – to sell things that is usually used daily such as shampoo, soap, candy, instant noodle, yaaa you know it. It’s a small retailer in a sense. Can be called shop too. AND Warnet is a place which sells internet connection. They provide you with several set of computer (if the owner is generous, there will be headphone and webcam for every PC). And we pay the service per hour unless there’re another cheaper package that we can prefer to. Well, it’s equivalent for internet cafe.

So… now, I am in one of many warnet in my neighbourhood. I used to go here at least five years ago when internet could still be consider a luxury thing. And I got frustrated to at the time because more than sometimes, warnet comes with a very bad virus. Sometimes the computer performance is a shit like… ‘GOSH, I needed to find another warnet that have fine quality!’

Well, warnet is still an alternative for people who do not have PC or laptop and internet connection. It’s quite cheap too (at least in one that I currently use). You can use the service for Rp 3,000 per hour (~US$ 0.215, current rate) or prefer the package: 2 hour – Rp 5,000 (~US$ 0,36), 3 hour – Rp 7,000 (~US$ 0,50) and so on.

Okay, to cut the story short… lemme post what I’ve promised to.

Until then 🙂