HAPPY NEW YEAAAARRR!!!! It’s already new year in Indonesia! 😀 and as the tradition goes, the sky is full of fireworks (and sound of trumpet). Here’s my attempt at capturing the moment in my hometown 😀

One of the fireworks in my hometown, Bandung, near my neighbourhood

As the new year comes, I need to reflect on my past actions and plan for a better tomorrow.
I hope 2016 will make a better fortune for all of us (amen).
As for new resolution… I haven’t made it but I have several ideas at mind. I’ll make it in the morning when I wake up.
For now… I just want to say: Happy New Year!!! 😀
And may my country, Indonesia, becoming better in every way, and focus on the welfare of the people than individual or just groups of people.
May the misery of the world lessened or exterminated if it ever could.
Bless us all 🙂

Now, for the real issue.
I said previously that I wanted to post more lyric posts. And in all actuality, I only posted one (a late post at that). I don’t want to promise anything but I get the urge to post something in the afternoon. So… Don’t wait for it, but just wanna let you know that maybe I’ll post something.

Good night! 🙂