Merry Christmas!!
In Indonesia, it’s already the next day: December 26th, 2015. I really want to post something for Christmas, but cannot do it because I’m afraid the laptop will disappointed me.
So… Here’s another update from my life, fresh from my handphone :p (like anyone will care enough, but whatever :p )
I guess you can expect another lyric posts from me in the next 24 hours.
I’ve already made it month ago and I will polish the post today for you to see 🙂 BECAUSE. It really eats me out that I cannot blog at least lyric post!
The lyric post simply contains the sample of the song and the lyric in kanji and romaji. Well, if someone out there is making the english or other languange’s translation of the song, and I found it, I’ll give you the link in the credit section.
I’ll post KK (Kamikita Ken)’s song lyric and some indie band from Japan.

For now… I guess I’ll enjoy the food in front of me and waiting for a movie to play. Yes, I’m going to a movie.

And instead of watching starwars, I watch new Indonesian movie: Negeri Van Orange.

It’s about five Indonesian college student who study abroad in Netherland. And at one point they met each other and become friends because… of the same shared feeling they had as a citizen of Indonesia who study abroad. And then… I don’t know, hahahha… One of them fall in love and lalala

Yeah, that’s why I watch the movie. I am really curious.
So… Until then?
Thanks for visiting this blog of mine even tho I kinda disappeared for months. I hope you find my treasures useful 😀