2015.10.27 – Indonesia

It’s past midnight here in Indonesia, and I am still awake. Actually I want to sleep but decide to update my blog. BECAUSE I HAVE MIDNIGHT INTERNET QUOTA AND I HAVE TO USE IT BEFORE IT IS EXPIRED!!!! *pant* *pant*

There are so much material I want to post. Lyric… Game… BL stories… K-drama, but unfortunately I cannot post one of them until just recently and today. And it’s only lyric post.

And why is that? Let me tell you.

  1. I didn’t have internet quota at that time, so I could not search material that I wanted. The idea of the new  post has since then flew out the window and by the time I have internet quota I totally lost interest.
  2. “I have internet quota and the idea is overflowing!!! LET’S DO IT NOW!! nyahahahaha” and then… MY LAPTOP CHOOSE TO HAVE A BREAK DOWN ISSUE! Damnit, just damnit. I needed to wait more than 10 minutes to load a page (sometimes is successful, sometimes is not), and then several minutes for my typing to appear on screen, and then it freeze, and then… BLEH. I decided to stop blogging altogether. I am not that patient. (Of course I can blog in my handphone, but no thanks. The screen is too small and my handphone’s response become slower when I type a lot in one entry.)

And since then every time this laptop connect to internet, it goes soooo slow. I don’t know what anymore. Is it because my RAM is only 1 GB?? IS IT? It’s working before, so why not NOW?

Today is the exception. This laptop works brilliantly for its current situation that I decide to blog today.

I really wish I find a job soon so I can start credit a laptop. FIRST PRIORITY. laptop. laptop. laptop.

I really cannot do with slow laptop. I’ve had enough.