So… what is it with today? I keep posting Itowokashi’s lyric XD Hmm… It’s been in my desktop. It only need a bit of polishing to be posted. I just want to clear it so I can working on other’s lyrics before the chance is up.

Usotsuki da, Boku wa (tr: A liar, I am), is a song that really represents the feeling of a teenager in a society or community (well, group of people). The feeling of wanting to be part of something. We also get through that phase repeatedly, when we’re young, or old. Because it is like a never ending need.

This song pictures someone who always lie to make people happy, to be accepted,… to be well-liked by others ever since he was a child. They keep lying until they become so accustomed to it that they can no longer go back. And it affected their love life… But, what could be done? After all… ‘A liar, I am’.

The meaning is very ironic, but nonetheless as rainofashe has said, it’s cute. Read the english translation of this song from rainofashe’s blog (see credit at the end of the post). Listen to the crossfade of the album in Nico Nico Douga (NND), here.

Disclaimer: I am a FAN. A FAN. okay? I don’t own this song. This post is only my attempt at romanizing the song’s lyric so more people can sing it. Well, hope you like it.

嘘つきだ、僕は (Usotsuki da, Boku wa)

Lyricist and Composer (作詞・作曲): LeftyMonsterP (レフティモンスターP)
Singer (歌): Itowokashi (イトヲカシ)
Album: Kishou Tenketsu (軌唱伝結), track 4 (of 8)



正直だ 正直だ
Tsuyogatte omoikonda
Kore kara wa boku wa totemo
Shoujiki da, shoujiki da
Dare ni datte yasashii hito da
正直だ 正直だ
Datte sou jan WAGAMAMA da to
Minna ni kirawareru ze
Shoujiki da, shoujiki da
Itsu datte ki wo tsukau n da
誰かの悪口は言わないぜ ホントだぜ
Dare ka no waruguchi wa iwanai ze , HONTO daze!
Subarashii to koroshi ka minai n daze..
嘘つきだ僕は あぁ 嘘つきだ僕は あぁ Usotsuki da boku wa, aa, usotsuki da boku wa, aa…
舌出してみんなのため楽しいな 楽しいな
Warawarete atama kaite
Shita dashite minna no tame
Tanoshiina tanoshiina
Hitsuyou to sareteitai n da
Kotoba no uragawa ni kakureteru yasashisa no
Mikaeri wo hoshigaru minikui kimochi
嘘つきだ僕は あぁ 嘘つきだ僕は あぁ
歪んでしまった あぁ 二度と戻れない あぁ
Usotsuki da boku wa, aa, usotsuki da boku wa, aa..
Yugandeshimatta aa nido to modorenai aa

*repeated thrice*

Ai wo shitte, taion shitte, kodoku no imi wo shiru

*repeated thrice*

僕の生き方は 間違っていた Boku no iki kata wa machigatteita
嘘つきだ僕は あぁ 嘘つきだ僕は あぁ
歪んでしまった あぁ 子供のままだな あぁ
嘘つきだ僕は あぁ 嘘つきだ僕は あぁ
気づいたときには あぁ 手遅れだったよ あぁ
Usotsuki da boku wa, aa… Usotsuki da boku wa, aa…
Yugandeshimatta aa… Kodomo no mama da na aa…
Usotsuki da boku wa, aa… Usotsuki da boku wa, aa…
Kidzuita toki ni wa aa… Teokure datta yo aa…

* in this part, Kashi-san sings ‘yasashisa no [優しさの]’ after ‘kakureteru’ (as you can see in romaji column), BUT in the lyric’s source that I found (Itowokashi’s blog), there is none.

Note: Yatta again! 😀 The only thing that I get wrong is this kanji: [体温]! I transliterated it as ‘taiyou’ and I know it’s wrong because it means ‘the sun’. it’s not fit to the song. The correct one is ‘taion’ which means ‘body temperature’.


  1. Itowokashi’s Blog (イトヲカシのブログ) for posting the lyric of the song, here: うそつきだ、僕は
  2. rainofashe on WordPress: “SOME ITOU KASHITARO • ITOWOKASHI SONGS (伊東歌詞太郎誕生祝 07/25)” ; This person post several lyrics and english translations in one post, so keep scrolling down to get the english translation of “Itowokashi – Usotsuki da, boku wa”, okay?
  3. Jisho! for helping me correct my attempt in transliterating it.