EDIT (2015.10.26): I’ve embedded the full sample of the song, taken from Zustice on soundcloud and corrected the wrong romanization. I’ve also added my own impression of the song’s meaning after reading the english translation done by shyuu (see credits).

Have you heard KK’s new album: SCOOP which is released under his real name: Kamikita Ken? Seriously, a fan or not, listen to it. You’ll love it! Hear the sample of the song by playing the crossfade of the video above, or playing the soundcloud version uploaded by Zustice, OR by visiting the album’s official website (see credits).

“SCOOP” was released last month at September 9th, 2015. It consisted of 13 tracks in which each song is composed and written by Kamikita Ken himself. He is no longer only an utaite! He’s completely a composer AND a singer in this album. And it turns out AWESOME!!! I myself like all the songs in that album.

Okay, actually I want to do a lyric post for ‘Diary’, the second track of the album, but someone already made it on Tumblr. Look how cool it is that someone already working on it! So… I guess, I made this one, and then… his other songs of course 🙂 (And I bet this person will also post the lyric of the other songs, so keep them in track, people!)

Here’s if you want to see the lyric of some that has been transliterated as well as TRANSLATED (YES!!) by altamugs on tumblr: #1 false color, #2 Diary, #10 Mist. There’s also Hitosukui who post the lyric of tracklist # 5 Yuragi. (Yea… damn, I’ve been working on it too. Well, I’ll post my version later).

Please support the artist by buying his album, attend his live, the goodies…

Disclaimer: I am A FAN of KK, okay? There’s no way I’ll claim his work. If someone can do the English or Indonesian translation of this song, I’ll be so happy! (Well, I’ll keep searching myself; I found the right blog after all :p) MY FRIEND HAS TRANSLATED THIS SONG!! (see credits) After reading it, it hit me once again why the melody attracts me. Because I used to be like what the lyric tells us… (or still? Idk)


Lyricist & Composer (作詞・作曲):Kamikita Ken (上北健)

Album:SCOOP, track 04 (of 13)

Japanese lyric


Yureru minamo ni ukabu shiroi hana
Hitomi yurayura, yume ni ochiteiku
Toori wo isogu hito, utsumuku kuroi kage.
Sekai no kado de jikobouei, boku no michi
Tooku kasunda senkou to kienai kizuato
Uso mamire no jiishiki wo nazoru yowai kokoro
Boku wa mada hashitteiru n da.
Kono fukai fukaikiri no naka
Itsuka mukuwareru to shinji, hoo wo tsutau namida nuguu
Kimi wa doko ni iru no, mienai no,
Koe ni naranai koe de yobu.
Boku wa koko ni iru yo, kidzuite yo.
Jijoujibaku, kodoku riron.
Kyou wa kyou no jibun. Asu wa asu no JIBUN.
Kinou wa furikaerazu, yume ga arundesu.
Higashi no sora tobutori. Oitsukanai ashidori.
Sekai no kado de jikoyuuei, boku no michi.
Fukaku shizumeta kako no shinobiyoru kehai ni,
Hiyaase minikui genjou.
Nigeru yowai kokoro. Daikirai da!

*repeated 4 times*

Shikai zero chuushi funou. Mata, kimi ga waratteiru dake.

*repeated 4 times*

Boku wa mou wakatteiru n da
Kono nagai nagai hibi no enchou
Itsuka te ni ireru no sa. Nozomu mirai, sonzai no imi
Bokura mada hashitteiru n da
Kono fukai fukaikiri no naka
Itsuka mukuwareru to shinji, hoo wo tsutau namida nuguu.
Kimi wa doko ni iru no, mienai no,
Koe ni naranai koe de yobu.
Boku wa koko ni iru yo, kidzuite yo.
自縄自縛、孤独理論。 Jijoujibaku, kodoku riron.
教えてよ。 Oshiete yo!

Notes: ROMANIZING IT WAS DIFFICULT! LOOK AT THE LIST OF MISTAKES I’VE MADE! And I almost gave up. Thank God, I’m not because you people need to sing it! To cut the silly stories from now on (maybe), I’ll use signs. 1) The character in the bracket ([…]) is the one that I cannot transliterated by myself (reading or hearing). 2) This sign (–>) shows that the next word is my attempt at romanizing the character, which is WRONG, totally. And 3) this sign ( = ) shows the CORRECT romanization, the one that I put in the table also.

  1. [水面] –> namo =  suimen. This one is also hard to listen.  Even I still in doubt whether this is the right one… ///Okay, the correct one is minamo. I also heard it like that, but could not get the kanji. weird. Then, I tried it again after reading miraclesmay’s post, and this time, I get it. Hmm…
  2. [急ぐ] –> rizo = isogu
  3. [角で自己防衛] –> kota de jikou yu ren = Kaku de jikobouei. Sounds like ‘rainbow’ you know, it’s hard to listen. Really.
  4. [霞んだ閃光] –> kazunde seko = kasunda senkou
  5. [霧] –> ki (?) = kiri. The meaning of ‘kiri’ is ‘fog or mist’, btw.
  6. [頬] –> ho = hoo
  7. [拭う] –> mukuu = nuguu
  8. [自縄自縛、孤独理論] –> jichoujiba, konoiro = jijoujibaku, kodoku riron.
  9. [東] –> hikasu = higashi. The meaning of ‘higashi’ is ‘east’.
  10. [角で自己遊泳] –> hatode, jkou yu ren = kaku de jiko yuuei
  11. [冷や汗醜い] –> Hiya aseminii = Hiyaase minikui
  12. [中止不能] –> chuushinfunmo = chuushi funou
  13. [延長] –> enjou = enchou


  1. I got the Japanese lyric of ‘Phototaxis’ from Oricon, here: Phototaxisの歌詞
  2. Jisho because it has been a very good friend for me. Without it, this post will never be posted.
  3. Altamugs on Tumblr for the lyric of #1, #2, and #10. Keep them in your track guys. This person might post all lyric and translation of this album’s songs; just saying 😉 Also Hitosukui for Yuragi’s lyric.
  4. More about the album or Kamikita Ken?? Visit the official publisher JVC music, or his official websitetwitter, and YouTube Channel.
  5. Shyuu, my fellow wordpress, for posting the english translation of the song, here: Kamikita Ken – Phototaxis [Album:Scoop] [Lyrics;TL]. Thank youuu! 😀
  6. Zustice on Soundcloud for uploading the full sample of the song. Listen to other sample by visiting their page.