EDIT (2015.07.27):

Yep, I still think the update sucks. Not only it made my library and playlist vanished, it had that new offline feature: the love symbol. I don’t like it. It looks ridiculous in my opinion. There’s a rating system anyway, so for what? Eitherway, I don’t use them (the love and rating system).

I have uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled the previous version. They are more simple and more elegant for me. I like it better. AND THIS TIME, I turn off the ‘prompt me for new updates’ feature. Really, I don’t need another update that could lead to a disaster. And again, I don’t want to gain the ‘love symbol’, so, it’s better to keep the previous version as it is.

It seems, even if iTunes grants me my request as I have elaborated in the previous posts, I won’t be able to enjoy it.

Well, so long. (*working with new playlist, trying to make it the same as before*)

Yes. I am complaining again. Because of iTunes.
I really appreciate iTunes updates and want to see how good the next update is, so I installed the updated version when the application prompted me.
I was waiting,… waiting for the update to finish installing…
And then when it finally finished, I restarted my computer so I could load the new iTunes faster (since it really eat my computer’s memory so much)
Then… when I tried to load it…
It loaded after several minutes. What?? The previous one didn’t need that long even though my laptop is kinda a shit.
My music and video library was gone.

GONE! Wth???

And I need to scan media again to get them. Took long time! 4/5 hours!
And then…


Creating a PLAYLIST is not easy, and I have MORE THAN 20!!!

Really! I will uninstall you, iTunes!

And I will reinstall the previous vers. Works better. My playlist damnit…