2015.07.19 – Indonesia- 10:52 PM

I know it is actually wrong for me to rant like this, especially when I already said that this blog will only be about things I like. Ranting is not what I like, BUT I really need to get it out of my system.

Justification: THIS IS MY BLOG!!

Well, I know it’s still not okay, but whatever! /shot

After I have passed my final examination on 3 June 2015, my family begins to expect me to look for jobs. Well, I don’t mind. I want it too. Being unemployed is really burdening. I have felt this way for almost a year because… you know… when I took UT course, I did not take another courses more than what is needed. Thus I had a lot of ‘free’ time to do anything. I supposed to focus making the UT, but… well, something’s happened.

Too much free time is no good. And as of today, I have so much free time. And I didn’t use it productively; making me feel very, VERY, awful.

Then last month, my big sister said that her friend was in need of people immediately for a-month job. After much clarification with my big sis, I dare myself to take up the opportunity. Later then, I was accepted (I should have known it). But not in the term that I heard of the first time my big sis told me.

Her friend told me that I only needed to work for three selective days (possibly more, but it didn’t happen), from 8 AM to 5 PM. My pay would amount to Rp 450,000 in total (equals to US$ 33.68 or ¥4178.05, current currency rate). My job description is to help her with her personal project which is ‘stock opname’.

I’ll tell you, it’s not much. But then, I needed money to print the revision of my UT and bound it in hardcover, so I could register to graduate this August. I thought, with this, I could pay it by my own. That would be wonderful! I didn’t need to ask my big sisters for money! (Always asking money is troublesome and embarrassing).

Okay, then my big sis’ friend told me slowly that all I needed to do was counting the assets in a certain area (she’ll tell me in which area I need to work upon) and writing it down – the name of the assets and the total number of the assets – in a piece of paper that she had provided. Ask for the name of the assets to clients’ people. If they also didn’t know it, then I could arrange a name for it by myself, with condition that I needed to take a picture and rename it to what I named it. Of course, for assets that has official name, I needed to take a picture and rename it to the official name too.

… Okay. It didn’t sound so bad.


Why that was wrong? Because then she kind of let me go. What I meant is… I thought I worked for her? But then she ordered me to work under her cousin, which was also a total beginner like me! (well, her cousin had worked for her a week earlier than me, so he had more experience than me).

But then, he had doubts for the works and badmouthing his own cousin (her). And sometimes I felt like he had made me his assistant in doing this job. He made me wrote everything we stocked together and sometimes counted it too, meanwhile he talked with the clients’ people and counted assets. At first, I didn’t think of it as bad, because I didn’t count as fast as him anyway. But I felt bad myself, because then I felt like I took credit of someone else’s work… (not anymore tho, since now I know the problem of writing it down! You know what? Because then he can blame me if there’s something wrong with our work. The one who written it is me after all.)

And really… his talks’ topic is not my cup of tea; He really belittled the importance of education. Dude! Learning knows no limit, I understand, but formal education is important no matter what! Oh, but thank God, it couldn’t be worse. I accepted it as part of work’s consequences. But then, what he said sometimes made sense. And I began to doubt her too.

When I found out more about how to do ‘stock opname’ from my eldest sister (she was an Internal Auditor in her company, so she was familiar with ‘stock opname’), I began to doubt her more. First of all, why she didn’t give me list of client’s assets in the first place? They are quite a big company! They must have it, the list of assets that is consisted of the name, the number, and the picture! That way, isn’t it more easier for our job to finish? Isn’t it more easier to trace it back too? SO WHY?

Second of all, She didn’t tell me which ones I needed to stock and which ones did not, even though she knew my background was not accounting! And I ended up stock almost everything to the point of the number of paper notes in the meeting room, pens, and pencil! I found out later on that it wasn’t needed. Only things that can amount to more than 1 million (or more?) in total should be stocked. HAH! No one told me! How should I know?

Third, she actually had the list!!! And finally gave it to me in my third day (last day). TOO LATE! That list contained things that I and he have stocked the day before. I don’t know whether she had it way before the job began or just recently, but that is really…unthinkable. She should have had the list when she began the job!

When the job was done for me, she said she would pay me by transferring the money to my bank account. I waited for days, but she didn’t pay me. Thus I texted her. And she said she forgot? Ha? Okay, I reminded her, thankfully, so there. The next day, still no news. I needed that money to print my final UT! Gosh… I ended up taking my big sis’ money again, totally miss my point of working in the first place!

I asked her again: why? and she told me she didn’t know my ‘bank code’ which is required to transferred since we have an account in different bank. Like… huh? Can’t you look it up in internet? There’re tons of information about that! How unprofessional can you be? So… if I didn’t look it up for you, you won’t pay me?

And then more than THREE WEEKS after the job had finished (and I thought her job with the company had done as well!), she contacted me again, saying that she needed my clarification of what I’ve written in my paperwork. She didn’t know what the things that I (we, actually) had been stocked since I (we) didn’t take a picture of it. It was the one in my second day’s job, near 6 PM (breaking our agreement in the first place).

Well, due to some life events before the job began, I didn’t have a handphone that could take a picture. Of course, her cousin had one, but it was broken too, so sometimes, we could not take a picture. He said it was fine not to take a picture if we knew the official name. And for ones that we didn’t know, we thought up a name that can be easily picture the things. Maybe it was our fault that we didn’t take the picture no matter what our reasons were, but she should have give us the list! And THREE WEEKS AFTER? REALLY? She should have processed it faster if she had a tight deadline right? And so, if she had any problem with it, she should contact me faster (right away)!

Then, I agreed to help her (since I knew that I was at fault too for not taking the picture). She kept asking what shape this things taken. HOW SHOULD I EXPLAIN IT WHEN I DON’T HAVE THE PICTURE??? For things that can be google-ed, why don’t you do it? WHY YOU SEEMED LIKE YOU COULDN’T EVEN USE GOOGLE??? ARE YOU FOR REAL??

Ugh, really depressing! So I suggested we met up at the site in order to show it to her directly what kind of things we have stocked. And that way, we have chance to take a picture of it too. End of story.

My big sister became involved in this matter. She understood how I did things and how I viewed things, so she knew I was at fault only if the instruction from the higher up was wrong, which is (not self-defense) true. And she helped her go to the site to take picture of what we have not taken. And I didn’t know anything about this deal until later on when we dealt it via email way (I am really furious! I felt like I work for nothing).

Okay, the day before the appointed day, I texted her to make sure tomorrow would really work for both of us. NO REPLY. So, at the appointed day, I texted her again. I tried to call her but I couldn’t get through. It was near 7 AM. Because I thought we would be meeting up at 8 AM at the site. I don’t want to show up for nothing. I really hate that sort of thing.

Finally, almost 9 AM if I did not mistaken, she called me, asking whether I could go over to her place to work things up.


We made a deal to meet at the site, the client’s place, so I could show her things that I and her cousin had stocked. What’s the point of meeting up in her place by gripping on memory? THREE WEEKS AGO people!?? I didn’t even know if I still could remember the shape of those various things! Besides, I rarely went outside, so I didn’t know where she lived anyway! AGAIN, I heard it was somewhere faraway and required more money to get there.

DEFICIT! I worked to earn money; not to waste it! And so I refused. And then I proposed that I would still help her this time (and I really said it straightforward. Wonder whether she got the message that I was annoyed?) via email. So I asked her to send my paperwork and I would rename the photos I and my sister had taken to what I’ve written in my paperwork.

Of course I couldn’t guarantee 100% result. My memory is limited and I, though not SUPER forgetful, do not mean that I will always remember EVERYTHING. And she bothered my sister about it and my sister got annoyed at one point. And things got a little ugly for them (and a bit ugly for me and my big sis).


I don’t want to be someone like that. I don’t think I am. But if I am, even for a little bit, I will change it! BECAUSE I HATE THAT KIND OF ATTITUDE! REALLY PEOPLE!!

THUS!!!! Let me spare the MORE DETAIL and go straight to conclusion this time; since I really can rant longer than this.

Conclusion: Note for myself: I won’t do any business, especially WORK-RELATED with her again NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.

That’s the end of my rambling. Actually there’s more, another topic… but it bears little importance than this one that REALLY NEED TO GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM, geez damnit!

So… to cheer me up, TODAY I WANT TO POST LYRICS AGAIN!!!

It’s been in my desktop for a while and I finally able to finish it. I’ll post it in my next post!

Good day! (or night?)