EDIT (2015.07.27): I have made wrong assumption about mp3 format – that they cannot save the lyric we have added. Actually they can, and the lyric that we add can be viewed if the music player has ‘lyric viewer’ option. Sorry folks.

Aah… I don’t know whether the developer of iTunes will see this post, but I still want to tell you about my wish for their next update.

It is fun using iTunes. I like using iTunes for editing the properties of the song. iTunes makes it so easy! May it be adding artworks of the song, adding the name of the composer, changing the title’s song,… so easy! It’s convenient.

The edit last for the song too. What I mean is, even if we’re no longer using iTunes (or using other music player), what we’ve edited will remain. The exceptions for that will be lyric, since the MP3 format do not support lyric property, thus if it is played in other music player, the lyric we have added to the song in iTunes cannot be viewed (well, regard it as lost, folks).

THE POINT IS… I like editing the properties of the song, because I want all of the songs I have to have a clear identity. And that’s when I realise that iTunes can be more awesome if they add the features I want!!!


iTunes!! Please add ‘lyricist‘ and ‘arrangement‘ feature!

I also have several suggestions, but it only works especially for video section. So, there. PLEASE ADD THEM, iTunes!!!

The reason for this… well, I have been into vocaloid since 2011. And by learning, liking, and finding out more about it, I become aware that there are more actors I have to acknowledge. A singer sings the song to make it known; but the song itself is actually made by someones else (mostly). The song might be composed and written by different people!

You know what, sometimes, you’re not really fond of the song but the lyric caught you off guard. Or that the lyricist creates great lyric that you want to keep update of what song will has their lyrics again, and want to keep finding it much easier…

ALSO about the arrangement… Sometimes you like new arrangement of the song that you want to know who did that??? And then keep update of that person!

Since iTunes only offers me ‘composer’ feature, I cannot input the lyricist and the one who does arrangement into the song. I want to respect every person involve in the making of the song, at least that much. That’s why!!! ;__; I want to put down everything into the properties of the song. I know those information won’t last on the song itself, but at least… I can view it on iTunes! I use iTunes, so it’s fine!!