Hello~ in my place, it is 3:45 AM; idk what to call it. It isn’t morning and night… dawn also not right yet. So, um, just hello. I just want to introduce a song.

Yuugure Sunset (夕暮れサンセッタ) is a song composed (作曲) by ToriP (とりP), and written (作词) and sung by ajikko (あじっこ). This song is released as part of ajikko’s album: ‘TastE’a -Summer’ in 2014. You can see the promotional video (crossfade) of the album on Nico Nico Douga (NND), here. This song is an original utaite song. Listen to the song on Xiami, here. Just press the ‘play’ button and wait.

I think this song deserves more love. When the song plays for the first time, I am quite interested. ‘Oh, nice melody’ I thought. Besides it’s surprised me that this song starts by vocal instead of instruments. Nowadays, it’s very rare (I think). It somehow also gives me impatient feeling and ‘but you need to do it!’ feeling (do what, idk, but that’s what I get from listening it). The music also gives me a feel that it is floating, sparkling… must be the keyboard’s work.

Anyway, why don’t you try listen to the song? And check out the other track of the album too. The cover song that is released in that album is nicely done.

If you seek the lyric of this song, I am sorry, I cannot provide you with that. I want to, but I cannot find the source of the Japanese lyric. My hearing is not good enough, cannot be relied upon without the help of the Japanese lyric, so I do not dare to try romanizing it. But once I found it, I will try romanizing it if nobody do not 🙂

EDIT (2016.02.06): my mistake, I’ve done wrong to the song’s title! It’s not ‘Yuugure Sunset’ but ‘Yuugure Sansetta’. I’m sorry… Please forgive this amateur.

PS.: Yuugure means ‘evening’. So I thought the title can be transliterated to ‘Evening Sunset’. But I’m not sure yet.