Uwaah… it feels great that you know a single clue, and then you keep finding what you want to find… I find songs my big sis recorded in her cassette long ago!

Since I only have a very limited internet quota (it sucks…), and it’s been spent by now (since I kept browsing and blogging these days…), so I can only share one song of theirs that I WANTED AND THEN FOUND to you. I hope you’ll be okay with that. But of course, if you want more of their songs, just visit their channel on YouTube, here. Just check their playlist for all the song they’ve released up until now. Don’t forget to check out their official website too, here.

Namida ga KIRARI (涙がキラリ☆ – trans: Tears Sparkle) is a song written and composed by Kusano Masamune (草野正宗) and sung by Spitz (スピッツ). It is originally released as their 12th single, “涙がキラリ☆” on 7 August 1995. SUPER FEELS!! (imo)

For the Japanese lyric (kanji) of the song, I recommend you to visit J-lyric, here. And for the romanization of the lyric (romaji) and english translation, I recommend you to visit utau-inu, here.

I hope you also like this song. I’ll update more about Spitz song (that I’ve been searching for) when I have more internet quota. Thank you for your visit 🙂