Namida no Kiseki (ナミダノキセキ – trans: Miracle of Tears) is a song written (作詞) by MIZUE, composed (作曲) by 前嶋康明, and sung (歌) by clear. It is released officially as OST of otome game ‘Musketeer’ and part of clear’s album: Dearest II. I believe it can be classified as an original song from clear, since it is clear that he is the official and original singer (right?). But I don’t understand, why clear himself upload this song on his video channel in Nico Nico Douga (NND) under this title: 歌ってみた – trans: cover. Watch the original video on NND (and you have to have an account to watch it there).

Well, never mind. The point is, I really like this song! It gives you sad feeling which is not really nice, yet it is beautifully delivered. AND clear’s voice makes all who hear it smitten by love! Well, if you don’t, I do!

I recommend you to read the lyric posted on dreamwidth by onsenjikan, here. The lyric is available in romaji and english translation. By reading the english translation, you will know what this song trying to tell 🙂

Ah… I love this song…