If you read my previous post about DEEN, you know (or you can conclude) that I am currently searching for every song that my big sis have recorded in her cassette long time ago. I still have the cassettes, but when I play them again, the sound that’s coming from them is… a bit eerie, and not really clear anymore.

With Internet, it might be easy to trace them. But the point is, I don’t have a clue of who sing it; the title of the song, when it was released, let alone the lyrics. All I know is the melody.

Really, if google can let a person search a song (or video) by humming or whistling the melody, it would be great! (is it impossible?)

And so… I was surfing for more DEEN’s song when I came across this video.

Actually, I wanted to skip it, but wait… I wanted to know what kind of song that is… and… I almost squeal loudly. Like, “OMAIGOOD!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! DAMN IT! THIS IS THAT SONG!!! OH GOD THANK YOU!!!”

Because I was also searching this song, the one that my big sister recorded in her cassette.

YES! So now, I’ll try to find more song of them, in case I found those songs again! I hope I can gain new songs too (ones that I haven’t heard and liked it then) while at it… Aah… really rare occurance!

This song was released in their 13th single 「チェリー」on 10 April 1996. The Japanese lyric can be found in J-Lyric, meanwhile the romanization and english translation can be found in anime lyrics.