I don’t know what to do in particular now, so why don’t I explain something about my ‘Lyric’ post to you, right?

What I mean is… maybe several of you wonder, why I keep posting a long entry for ‘Lyric’, and also, why do I post the lyric in table; why includes the kanji when for most people who only find the lyric to sing, it doesn’t matter…?

You see, I post a long entry for ‘lyric’ post because I have so many things I want to talk about regarding the song mentioned in particular. First, I want you to know about the song. What kind of song this is… if I know it, I will post it. Second, I want you to know what makes me like this song. The melody? The lyric? The feeling that I get when I listen to it? BECAUSE THIS IS MY BLOG, PEOPLE!!! (cough) Third, you may stumble upon that particular post not because you seek the song but accidentally see it while browsing my blog. And then, you are interest in hearing more, but you may not get a clue of what song I am talking about. That’s why, if I know there’s sample or full-version of the song, somewhere, that you can listen to, I will give you the link or embed it here.

Fourth, disclaimer. I always believe it is important and needed, especially if something that I post is not really (purely) my creation. You need to know that I do not claim anything by posting the lyric. Nor do I gain money from it. Fifth, I includes the kanji (Japanese) or hangul (Korean) or hanyu (Chinese) or the character of the song that is not latin-alphabet, for three reasons:

  1. You can learn to read those languages by reading the character along with the romanization. Isn’t that wonderful? And maybe, you get accustomed to read the character that you no longer need a romanization to sing a song. It can be an advantage for you if you like a song that has not been transliterated by anyone. Learning knows no limit.
  2. You can cross-check the romanization that I post with the original lyric (character – Kanji, Hangul, or Hanyu…) to know whether that particular romanization is correct or not.
  3. Because I want it that way, HAHA!

Sixth, I put the lyric in table. Why? Because then you can compare the romanization and the original side by side. I think you can learn the language faster that way, if you really want to learn reading it, that is. If I am not presenting it in table, I will put the romanization after the character, like my post of ‘Itowokashi – Natsu no nioi’. The same goes for the translation of the song.

Seventh, the notes. It tells you about my attempt of romanizing the lyric or the song’s notes in particular. I put it there so you know that this task… is hard but also easy at times. And you may also share my sentiment… about something that you actually hear the first time you listen to the song. You may hear A, but after you learn the romanization, it’s actually B. Ever experience it? It’s all right. You have a friend for that (me! haha).

Eighth, credits. Why this is important? So you know from where I get the material to write something I post. It is important to respect them who post it first (to respect their effort for one.) Maybe you are also interest in finding more works of those people I credit. That’s why credits is important. Actually, it comes in one set with disclaimer hehe.

So, now that you know the reason, I hope you can understand the long post for song’s lyric.

Again, thank you for your visit. I hope you find all my posts (especially non-(my) life event post) useful.