Itoshii Hito (愛しい人 – trans: Beloved One) is a song that makes you feel calm and refreshed. I don’t know what’s this song trying to tell its listeners. Judging from the title and several words that I understand, this song is trying to tell that he misses his girl and wants to meet her again. Why? Because he realises that that girl is the one he wants. But somehow cannot? But he cannot forget her… Something like that. Am I wrong, arr…?

So, have you played the video above? Please do, so you know what kind of song this is. Doesn’t it calm your heart when you hear this song? So soothing… and warm. I can picture ‘road’ with green everywhere… kind people, village-like, even though I’m not sure it is what it tried to tell us. What about you?

If you can translate it to English or Indonesian, please do. Don’t forget to tell me when you do. I’ll appreciate it so much 🙂 (or maybe I should just ask someone, but would they like it if they don’t know the band and song, I wonder…?)

Disclaimer: the song, video, and lyric are not mine to claim. They belong to their respective owners. I merely put the video there so people know what song I am talking about; can listen to it and see it for themselves. And I am just trying to romanize the lyric so people who want to sing but only can read latin-alphabet (like the current me), can sing along. Don’t forget to see the credits at the end of the post.

Itoshii Hito (愛しい人 – trans: Beloved One)

Lyric (作詞):Ikemori Shuuichi (池森秀一)
Music (作曲):Tagawa Shinji (田川伸治)
Singer (歌) :DEEN



(you are the one)


(you are the one)

Yuki ga moe agatta hibi wo samashite yuku
Kumotta mado ni kimi wa yoku uta wo kaiteita

君の笑顔 哀しくて寂しい
Kimi no egao kanashikute sabishii
Kedo naze namida de nai n darou?
you are the one
Itoshii hito
Tada boku dake wo mitsumete hoshikatta yo
Demo hikitomeru jishin ga nakatta
Boku no shiteru kimi ni modoranai
You are the one
Kotoba tarinakute kizutsukete
Jibun no KARA ni haitte mo ga ite
Kimi ga hirotte kureta
KIMI no naka to BOKU no naka no mirai
Itsuka ZURE te ittanda
いつか鋼鉄(はがね)のような心 手にいれたら
僕の道も晴れて行くよね きっと
Itoshii hito
Kinou no youni tsuyoku irareru no ka na
Itsuka hagane no youna kokoro te ni iretara
Boku no michi mo harete yuku yo ne kitto
窓の景色も降り積もる雪も忘れない(you are the one)
Itoshii hito
Tada boku dake wo mitsumete hoshikatta yo
Demo hikitomeru jishin ga nakatta
Mado no keshiki mo furitsumoru yuki mo wasurenai(you are the one)


This is my third attempt at romanizing Japanese lyric through listening! Yippie! And I still have quite a long way to go, I guess… Okay, let’s see what I’ve got wrong this time:

  1. In the very first line, I mistook ‘moe (燃え)’ for ‘more’. Apparently I do not look at the kanji enough to know that there is no ‘re (れ)’ at all.
  2. In the second line, I mistook ‘mado ni (窓に)’ for ‘madori’. Again, I did not look at the kanji enough.
  3. I also mistook ‘sabishii (寂しい)’ for ‘samishii’ even though I really heard ‘sabishii’ in the first place. I just, at the time ‘samishii’ sounds good than ‘sabishii’. How odd of me.
  4. I mistook ‘kizu (傷)’ for ‘kisu’. I need to enhance my hearing again regarding ‘zu (ず)’, ‘su (す)’, and ‘tsu (つ)’.
  5. In the kanji source that I used, in this line, is posted like this: [君を拾ってくれた] which will be transliterated to ‘Kimi wo hirotte kureta’. But I cannot find ‘wo (を)’ in DEEN’s singing. I found ‘ga (が)’ instead. So, I change it to what’s in the table above. I hope you understand.
  6. In the last line, there is this word: ‘furitsumoru (降り積もる)’. I don’t hear the ‘f’ at all and transliterated it to ‘uritsumoru’. HAHA!
  7. Near the end, there is a line that has a parenthesis in it; exactly this: [いつか鋼鉄(はがね)のような心 手にいれたら]. In my attempt to romanize it by hearing, I did not transliterate this word: ‘鋼鉄’ because DEEN sing the one in the parenthesis instead: ‘hagane (はがね)’. The transliteration of that word will be this: ‘koutetsu’


  1. I get the Japanese lyric (kanji) of the song from many sources. But I copied the one on Mojim, here: [link]
  2. The video that is embedded here, is uploaded by tobitaka36 on YouTube several years ago. Wow, right? Thank God, the link is not broken.