Gin Iro no Yume ~All over the world~ is a refreshing and encouraging song. More or less, it tells us about dream. Even if we cannot see the dream (don’t know the dream, lack of vision or direction), don’t be afraid. Just try it again, go, and find it, bravely experiencing things in life. Well, I can’t know for sure. If you know or can do the English or Indonesian translation for this song, let me know 😉

How’s the song? Uplifting right? And the melody, isn’t it nice? The back vocal… chorus, oh so great! And you can see DEEN’s members in the video! Nyehehe… that part when Shuichi (the vocalist) laughed! SO CUTE! They looked relatively young compared to their age now.

Disclaimer: the song, video, and lyric are not mine to claim. They belong to their respective owners. I merely put the video here so people know what song I am talking about; can listen to it and see it for themselves. And I am just trying to romanize the lyric so people who want to sing but only can read latin-alphabet (like the current me), can sing along. Don’t forget to see the credits at the end of the post.

Gin Iro no Yume 〜All over the world
銀色の夢 〜All over the world
Silver Dream 〜All over the world

Lyric (作詞):Ikemori Shuuichi (池森秀一)
Music (作曲):Yamane Koji (山根公路)
Singer (歌) :DEEN



Kidzukeba sore nari na hibi
Toki ni owareteita yo
Kimi ni au made wasureteta
Ano hi no hankotsuseishin
un no waru sa ii wake ni
いつからか自分の夢 話さなくなっていた Itsu kara ka jibun no yume  hanasanakunatteita
たとえゴ-ルが見えない 迷路でもいい
Kaze ni nore
Tachi mukae
Gin iro no yume
Tatoe goal (GOORU) ga mienai  meiro demo ii
Kootteita jounetsu ga
Yukkuri tokite yuku
Mouichido jibun ni kakeyou
Kimi no yuuki ni naru tame
出来ないことから いつも逃げ出そうとしていた
Dekinai koto kara  itsumo nigedasou to shiteita
Okubyouna boku jishin wo
Kirai datta keredo
Arinomama aishitekureta ne
世間に嘘つけても もう心に嘘つけない Seken ni usotsukete mo  mou kokoro ni usotsuke nai
本当の弱さも強さも まだ知らない
負けるのが怖くて 近づけなかった
Kaze ni nore
Tachi mukae
Hohoemu made wa
Hontou no yowasa mo tsuyosa mo mada shiranai
Makeru no ka kowakute  chikadzuke nakatta
Line (RAIN) wo koerareta nara
Ikiteku koto ni katsu hazu
たとえゴ-ルが見えない 迷路でもいい
魂よ 燃えさかれ
Kaze ni nore
Tachi mukae
Gin iro no yume
Tatoe goal (GOORU) ga mienai  meiro demo ii
Sekaijuu de hitori da to
Kanjita toshite mo
Kanaetai mono ga aru kara
Tamashii yo moesakare
Kimi no yuuki ni naru tame
  • In the second line (beginning) there’s this word: [時間(とき)]. The official lyric uses ‘jikan (時間)’ but DEEN sing the one in the parenthesis ‘toki (とき)’. Both of these words mean ‘time’; for the differences between them, please look up for yourself. Sorry 😥
  • This word: [限界(ライン)] Again, the official lyric uses ‘genkai (限界 – trans: limit/bound)’ but DEEN sing ‘RAIN (ライン – trans: line)’.


I actually used Mojim’s lyric because they can be copied so I can rest assured; if my romanization odd or wrong, I can look up on the internet to see how this character sounds like.  But when I finished listening and trying to convert what I’ve romanized into kanji (Japanese character), some of it is not the same with Mojim’s. And I am pretty sure I’m not wrong. So, I look up another source and see theirs (it cannot be copied, that’s why I don’t use this source in the beginning). And I find out that what I’ve romanized is the right one based on this source (J-lyric).

Okay, so… here is a list of what I’ve got wrong in today’s attempt of romanization by basing it on J-lyric’s post.

  1. I don’t know how to get these words: [反骨精神] in the third line, so I looked it up. I transliterated it to ‘hantofuseishi’. WRONG! Grr… My hearing! It should be ‘hankotsuseishin’. Not even close!
  2. I thought this character [運] sounds ‘Fu’, but I cannot find the right kanji for it. So I try an online converter and they give me ‘un’. Gosh.
  3. I messed up this line too: [凍っていた]. I thought it would be transliterated as ‘Koutteita’. I am mad, how could I be wrong in this one. Then with some help, I know that it supposed to be transliterated to ‘Kootteita’. See, how a little difference make up for a wrong kanji? Yep, I need to be careful next time.
  4. In this line: [ゆっくり溶きてゆく], I heard ‘tokite’ as ‘tokete’. Maybe it’s just a way of singing that makes it different… or is it really different? Or rather, it is my hearing again…? Ha.ha.
  5. I have a bit difficulty here too. In this line: [逃げ出そうと], I heard ‘mi’ instead of ‘ni’ and so I could not get this kanji: [逃]. Also, this kanji [出] is usually transliterated as ‘de’, but in this case, this character is transliterated as ‘da’. Why? Because my romanization won’t change into that character and persist with ‘de (で)’ instead.
  6. I heard ‘yowasa (弱さ)’ as ‘noasa’. I was almost frustrated when I couldn’t find the right kanji.
  7. I heard ‘katsuhazu (勝つはず)’ as ‘tatsuhazu’. Arr…
  8. I made many mistakes for this line in the last part: [魂よ 燃えさかれ]. I heard it as ‘Tanoshii yo omoe sagare’. Haha… This is sad.


  1. I use the song’s lyric posted on Mojim, here: [link], and on J-lyrics, here: [link]
  2. Actually, there are many videos about this song on YouTube. But I only refer to one video, the one that I embedded here. It was uploaded by doskoi007. You can go directly to the video by clicking this link: [YT]. DEEN also sing the english version of this song. Someone has uploaded it on Nico Nico Douga. Go here to watch: [NND] However, to view it there, you need to have an account. Register is free 🙂
  3. Jisho! It’s the best Japanese-English Online Dictionary!! It really helped me finding the right words and understanding the lyric for a bit. You really should visit this awesome dictionary.