I thought I said in my previous posts that you can learn about Vocaloid as phenomenon in Vocaloid Wiki? I did not look at the source of the article so I don’t know for sure, but you know what? I think that article is HERE in WORDPRESS!
Give this article a look, if you like vocaloid or Hatsune Miku, or everything that revolves around them like Utaite, Piapro, NND…
This long article really capture the vocaloid and Hatsune Miku’s (specifically) phenomenon in detail academically. It is such a great read.
And this article really strengthen my faith and love for Japanese culture, personality, ideas in general. Japanese is really something else. (or Asia for that matters). They can make everything inter-correlated! Vocaloid creates opportunity for a lot of people; not only the one who can use the software (producer), but also everyone else that is involved in the making of the song (song-writer, lyricist, animator, video maker, designer)! They also pave the way for everyone who dreams to be a singer (utaite); and now they can publish their own album!
Reading this really touches my soul. I am really thankful for vocaloid’s existence. Without them, there will be no vocaloid music. I would not be able to listen to a vast and various music that is produced by non-major label; would not be able to listen to the idea the producer and everyone that is involved in the making of the music wants to deliver – I really am grateful for every single one of them; without them, I would not be able to find those fantastic utaite’s voice… those brilliant songs…
Thank God for He gives me chance to learn about them. Thank God that I did not give up to try and find out more about it. Thank God!!!!

Seeking Hatsune Miku

“Hatsune Miku is clearly a more complex phenomenon
than I initially assumed. Requires further study.”
@GreatDismal William Gibson’s Twitter Feed

On March 9, 2010, several thousand glowstick-waving Japanese fans gathered at the Zepp Tokyo music hall for a concert performance by the phenomenon known as Hatsune Miku – an amazing feat when you consider that she is not human and that four years ago, Miku did not exist. Since 2007, Hatsune Miku has traveled a peculiar path from vocal synthesizer product to beloved collaboratively constructed superstar with a growing fan base across the world. This paper explores the journey Miku has taken with special attention paid to the synergistic constellation of technological, artistic, and cultural developments which has made it possible for her to “come alive.” It starts with an historical overview of Miku, moves into an examination of cultural movements and factors that catalyzed her creation, and ends with…

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