Alice in Musicland | Illustration by YOji
Alice in Musicland | Illustration by YOji

This is the very song that has made me want to know more about vocaloid. Back in 2011, my friend (the one who has poisoned me with BL) introduced me to Vocaloid. I am not so convinced yet but I love hearing more. And then she showed me the video of ‘Alice in Musicland’, a song play created by OSTER Project as a sample of what Vocaloid is… and I was immediately intrigued! It hooked me.

‘Alice in Musicland’ is uploaded 24 July 2011 in (NND) and 17 April 2012 (YT) (So when my friend introduced me to this song, I figured it was pretty a new song at the time. She is really up to date about vocaloid song hehe). It is based on Lewis Carroll’s work ‘Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland’. In accordance to the character in the story, the vocaloid has been cast like this: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) as Alice, Kagamine Len (鏡音レン) as the White Rabbit, KAITO as the strange singer, Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン) as the Mad Hatter, Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ) as the Cheshire Cat, and MEIKO as the Empress.

This song play is split into eight parts (or chapters) with each part introduces another vocaloid to collaborate with Alice as the main star of the chapter. The eight parts are as follow: 1. Prelude -Entrance of Musicland- (introduces Miku as Alice) 2. -Busy Rabbit- (introduces Len as White Rabbit) 3. -Happy Singer- (introduces KAITO as strange singer) 4. -Crazy Tea Time- (introduces Rin as Mad Hatter) 5. -Invisible Cat- (introduces Luka as Cheshire Cat) 6. -Empress- (introduces MEIKO as the Empress) 7. -Finale- and 8. Ending theme -“Alice in Musicland (curtain call)”

What I like about the song is… the melody really touches my soul. I remember crying when I listened to the finale part. All the lines in the finale. Because I was made to remember that music is away from my grasp. I used to love music so much but then due to some life’s events, they were detached from me. Or rather, I didn’t even care anymore. It’s like… ‘I want to go there too, where everyone can play music and sing so freely.’ But I don’t really learn and play any instruments. I only know how to sound a melody (a simple do-re-mi) from a piano. It’s a really poor play. Anyway, I still love music. (and that finale part has always been succeeded at making me at tears).

WELL!! Isn’t this song play cute and beautiful? The melody is so nice! And the vocaloid has a harmonious melody as well 🙂 The video too!!! KAWAI!! I wish I can see my favorites male utaite(s) cover this song. Oh well, I just want to see the collaboration cover of this song. 96Neko (96猫) cover this song and I daresay it’s pretty good. see the video here: [NND][YT] The video is so cool!! Her version uses a different video. Hers uses MMD software, I think. Really, a must check out!! and… How can a person sing so varies like that, I will never know. W.O.W!! Sometimes she sounds cute, manly, overly cute, adult-like, err… just listen for yourself.

Last, where is the lyric and English Translation of the song? I only provided you with the link. See the credits to get the link 🙂 Thank you for your visit.


  1. Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki for ‘Alice in Musicland’. Go here: [link] The lyric is available in Japanese (kanji) and romaji. There is also the english translation by vgperson there.
  2. Vocaloid Wiki for ‘Alice in Musicland’. Go here: [link] I find out more about the song such as the uploaded date, the link to the original video, the background and the video cover of the song! Check them out!
  3. Starsxinxaxjar Lyrics on wordpress has also attempted to translate this song in english. I think their translation is very dynamic. Go here to read their translation of the song. [link]
  4. The ‘Alice in Musicland’ song sung by Vocaloid [link] and sung by 96Neko [link] that are embedded here is posted by Vocaloid Indonesia and Kawaii Otaku on SoundCloud.