‘Pigments’ is a song with beautiful meaning and encouraging melody.  I love this song already the first time I heard it. Amatsuki’s cover especially, delivers the feeling perfectly in my case. And when I find out the meaning behind the words, it touches my soul right through that I tears up. So, what is this song trying to deliver? As is clearly defined in the lyric, I think it is like this:

Pigments here are considered as the variety in our lives, be it happiness, sadness, anger, dullness; feeling dejected, confused, embarrassed; being uncertain, energic, enthusiastic… EVERYTHING that’s happened in our lives. Pallette is a means to realize those pigments in which we are the one who define them. And canvas here is considered as our lives.

KEI wants us to just let all those pigments, no matter how bad it is, be shown, because after all… those pigments has shaped up who we are yesterday, today and will shape up who we are in tomorrow. Just let it be shown! Pour everything into the canvas! Don’t pour only the good things or the bad things. Pour all of them and mix them as these pigments have been mixed in you. After all, what will become of that canvas is what has become of you. Bet, your canvas is not as ugly as you think, right? Because there’s always good things among bad things. There’s always some parts that good in the canvas that you made.

Because life is not flat; it’s not straight; it’s not perfect. Life does not have a definite meaning that holds true for everyone. What’s important in our lives is ourselves. After all, we are the one who lives, not anyone else. What we think and feel matters. But since life is not all about us, we get caught up in other things and make little importance of who we are again. But really, just live our lives to the fullest according to ourselves as well. Because… isn’t our lives is about us?

So full of feeling! (TTwTT)b

Okay, so… why don’t you hear and see the song for yourselves? Maybe you’ll get what I mean, agree or disagree, or even get something else entirely. It is really beautiful; I’ll recommend this song for you. See the original version, sung by GUMI (Vocaloid) here: [NND][YT]. Or if you choose human-cover version, see the one by Amatsuki instead! Go here: [NND][YT].

Disclaimer: the song as well as the lyric belongs to their respectful owners. The English translation is not mine too. I merely take them up, add and edit a little, then post them here along with my own impression of the song. See the credits at the end of this post.


Music and Lyric (作曲・作詞):KEI
Singer (歌):GUMI (original) – uploaded 2014.09.04; 天月- released 2014.08.17 on CoF Vol. 3



English Translation

machigai sagashi ni muchuu ni natte cha
miotoshite shimau mono bakari da
otehon doori ni nazoru gurai nara
yabutte sutete shimatte ii
Getting all caught up in finding flaws and faults,
that’ll just cause you to miss all the important stuff
If you’re gonna trace the dotted lines,
you might as well tear it all to pieces and throw it all out
他でもない 誰でもない
namae mo katachi mo nai mono
moji ya kotoba ja tarinai yo
kimi ni sashizu wo dekiru no wa
hoka de mo nai dare demo nai
kimi hitori dake de juubun sa
Lacking both name and form,
letters and words just won’t do it justice
There’s only one person who can guide the real “you”
It’s not from someone else,
you alone is enough
滲んでも くすんでても 濁って見えても
喜び 悲しみ 怒りも パレットに流し込んで
ほらどうだろう 思うほど悪くないだろ?
shiro ka kuro nante kimenaide
kachimake nantenai ze
nijinde mo kusunde te mo nigotte miete mo
yorokobi kanashimi ikari mo Pallete (PARETTO) ni nagashikonde
kakimazetara omoikiri buchimakereba ii
hora dou darou, omou hodo warukunai daro?
Canvas (KYANBASU) ni wa kimi dake no iro
It’s not about black and white,
It’s not about winning and losing either
Even if it all gets jumbled up, cloudy and unclear
Joy, sadness, and anger, lay them all out on the palette
Mix it all out and put everything out there
So, how does it look? You don’t think it is that bad, do you?
After all, painted on that canvas is your very own colors
bukiyou na tetsuki mo sakate ni tottara
daitan futeki na spice (SUPAISU) sa
No matter how awkward it becomes, no matter if it backfires,
Be daring kind of spice
他でもない 誰でもない
nisemono to karakawarete mo
taikutsu to nonoshirarete mo
kimi ni hakushu wo okuru no wa
hoka demo nai dare demo nai
kimi hitori dake de juubun sa
Don’t worry about being called a fake,
some may even call you boring
The only applause and encouragement you need,
It’s not from someone else,
you alone is enough
曲がっても ブレてても 歪んで見えても
笑顔も泣き顔も全部 筆先に織り込んで
ほらどうだろう 思うほど悪くないだろ?
Maru ka batsu nante kimenaide
seikai nante iranai ze
magatte mo burete te mo igande miete mo
egao mo nakigao mo zenbu fudesaki ni orikonde
furiagetara omoikiri tatakitsukereba ii
hora dou darou omou hodo warukunai daro?
Canvas (KYANBASU) ni wa kimi dake no moyou
You don’t decide things simply with an O or a X
Things such as “correct answer” aren’t needed
It might get all warped, tangled, and twisted
Smiles, frowns, everything, weave into the tip of your brush
Pick up your brush and go with all your might
So, how does it look? You don’t think it is that bad, do you?
After all, painted on that canvas is your very own design
ただ ただ ひとつも無駄にしたくないんだ
まだ まだ 完成予\想図さえ見えてない
tada tada hitotsu mo muda ni shitakunai n da
mada mada kansei yosou zu sae mietenai
somosomo hitsuyounai
Milsteegun 6615:
It’s just- it’s just- I don’t want to waste a single thing
Not yet- not yet- I still can’t see the final picture
But really, it isn’t necessary

I wouldn’t call anything “pointless” or “futile”
For it’s not like the future’s been writen down somewhere
And you don’t need something like that anyways

光と影のその間 0と1の間
ほらどうだろう 思うほど悪くないだろう?
誰でもない ほら 君がいる
hikari to kage no sono aida zero to ichi no aida
mugen no sentaku ga itsu demo bokura wo matteru
mayoi mo tamerai mo fuan mo
kakusa naku tatte ii yo
kimi wo tsukuru zenbu wo egaite shimaeba ii
hora dou darou omou hodo warukunai darou?
Canvas (KYANBASU) ni wa kimi dake no iro
dare de mo nai hora kimi ga iru
Between the light and shadow, and between 0 to 1,
There are infinite number of choices waiting for us
Being lost, hesitating or being anxious
There’s no need to hide them
Paint every detail that makes you who you are
So, how does it look? You don’t think it is that bad, do you?
After all, painted on that canvas is your very own colors
Not just anyone’s, look, it’s you


  1. in this line: ‘miotoshite shimau mono bakari da’ [見落としてしまうものばかりだ], I somehow keep hearing ‘ka (か)’, instead of ‘da (だ)’; and ‘moji ya kotoba ja tarinai yo’ [文字や言葉じゃ足りないよ], I somehow keep hearing ‘moshi (もし)’, instead of ‘moji (文字)’ Hahaha… God, help my hearing! *cries*
  2. ‘O’ and ‘X’ are forms that can usually be found in idioms and quiz. In this song’s context, ‘O’ and ‘X’ are respectively understood as ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’. ‘O’ is read as ‘maru (丸 – まる)’ which means circle and ‘X’ is read as ‘batsu (バツ)’ which means crosswise or ‘X’ really.
  3. On the peak of the song, there are two translations. I think the actual translation of the words is reflected in Milsteegun 6615’s. But descentsubs’ has a deeper meaning, and I actually like it. So I put both of their translation for this part into the table.


  1. Vocaloid Wiki for the description of the song and the lyric’s translation in English. Go here: [link]
  2. I cross-check the kanji on Vocaloid Wiki with the one on Petit Lyrics, posted by めんま. Go here: [link]
  3. I actually mixed the English translation of descentsubs and milsteegun 6615 and sometimes make my own too based on it. I think it is rude of me to do that, but I can’t help it. Sometimes, the other translation is better (easier to grasp the meaning) in some parts. But really, there is nothing wrong with their translation to begin with. I just think it would be much better this way (yet still not good). So, I am deeply sorry for my rudeness. See their translation on the respective videos; Descentsubs on GUMI’s version (also uploaded in Vocaloid Wiki) and Milsteegun 6615 on Amatsuki’s version on YouTube.
    4. When I was listening to the song, I thought I heard ‘marukawasu’ for how to read ‘○か×’. I don’t want to sing it wrong, so I look up some info about how to read ‘O’ and ‘X’ in Japanese. I get that information from Japanese Lunch! Go here: [link]