This is today’s ‘what happened?’ on my life!

I actually have known the date of my UT Examination day on 28 May. But, I wasn’t in the mood to talk about it that day and posted other things instead. So… people, my UT will be examinated on 3 June!! There!

When I first learnt who will examine me, I was grinning in a bit of fear. I’ve got two killer examiner! Not killer per se, but they are known to be so strict. I’ve guessed that I’ll get one of them since I know it my UT’s theme is his favorite field of study. But, the other one… WHY?? I only have little economic in my UT, so why I get him who is one of the economic master in my department????

But after several days… ‘Oh, them’ I thought. Hahaha… I was sooo… never mind. I know the feeling of fear will reawaken again by the time they examine me.

I am going to consult my supervisor about my powerpoint for my examination day tomorrow, but then I am made to remember that tomorrow is holiday. He won’t be in university. So I asked him whether today’s afternoon is an okay time to meet since it is somewhat a sudden call. He said he is okay. He is so easy going… and I am still afraid of him about the other day.

And I came late. He was already running to his business, which is to supervise students’ exam… Now I’ll have to wait. I don’t mind to wait. What I mind is… I think I’ve made my image pretty bad in his eyes already. And now it is becoming worse… argh, I want to hide.

ADDED 4 hours later:

Finally, I have meet up with him and I now have a clue on what to include in my presentation later. But then, I get new information: that both my examiner is changed. Apparently they cannot attend my examination day, and so the department change them to someones else.

They are equally… high class – aaah, what I mean is… hard to please, but kind to people who want learn (yet can be so intimidating at times). Aah… my life is… I CAN DO IT!!!!! (>o<)/