Okay, where do I start? Okay, I come across this song because I’ve been checking out MikitoP (みきとP) and Rib’s (りぶ) works. I like the feel that I always get from MikitoP’s songs. I also like Rib’s voice… and so when I see this song on Rib’s album ‘Rib on’, I immediately listened to it.

‘Sarishinohara’ manga by Chris (pixiv)

Sarishinohara (サリシノハラ – trans. Distant Field) is a song, composed by MikitoP, which tells us a tale of a girl idol who forsake the boy for her career as an idol. It is told from the boy’s POV, about how he felt for the girl and how he still love her until forever even though she left him for her career. Okay, it’s actually deeper than that. I’m sorry if you already know the story and feel that my explanation is too shallow. The point is… it’s really HEARTBREAKING!!

Since I really like the song (OMG, THAT BASS!! THAT RHYTHM! Hear it, it blows me! I even abuse the song by playing it close to 100 times just in a week already), I try to find the lyric. In my quest to find the lyric, I found a story behind the song. The story intrigued me so I search for more information.

It is said that the song is based on true story – based on Sashihara Rino’s story. It is assumed this way because the title might be an anagram for her name; there are also traces of her identity in the song’s lyrics as well. She was a former member of AKB48 that got demoted from the group due to sex scandal. She was later transferred however, to a sister group: HKT48 and has since has a stable position and career (I think). Here is the article which has made big scandal for Sashihara Rino [link].

Why I said it is a heartbreaking story again? Read this article: [link] ~ it is a re-post of someone’s analysis of the song on Tumblr. It really tells you so much. The analysis is closely related to this song’s sequel, Yonjuunana (red – 47), which is the characters’ story, told from the girl’s POV. It’s also equally addicting and heartbreaking, so check it out.

Chris in pixiv, an artist who also illustrate the video of this song, has created a manga based on this song. It’s such a cute manga. Read the original (Japanese) in his pixiv or read the english translation in Vocalations here: [link]


1. Akira Tsubasa’s post of this song. It was from their blog that I know about the story behind the song and want to find out more about it. Their description of the story is in Indonesian. Check it here: [link]

2. Very tired and Hikari’s analysis of the song on tumblr. Their posts really say a lot about the story of the song. And there’s another analysis (similar) by Reigan on blogspot. They also promotes another short comic by CHRIS in commomeration of 100,000 view of Sarishinohara. check it here: [link]

3. Vocaloid Wiki: Sarishinohara ~ This page tells us a brief description of the song, when it is uploaded, the link of the video as well as cover done by other vocaloids, the lyric of the song, and brief information about the manga that I’ve mentioned above.

4. Utaite Wiki: Sarishinohara and Yonjuunana ~ This page recorded every available cover for ‘Sarishinohara’. Visit here to know the links to their cover, especially if you are hunting utaite.