Now I am going to share about one of the old Japanese Bands. They still exist until now, however their voice is rarely heard. Maybe it’s because I never really focus on Jpop in general… uh, Okay, so… the band that I am talking about is DEEN. Yup.

DEEN [from left to right: Yamane Koji, Ikemori Shuuichi, and Tagawa Shinji]

Do you know DEEN?

DEEN (ディーン) is a Japanese popular music band, formed in 1993. Members frequently changed until the release of the first album, and from there Deen has had four members: vocalist Ikemori Shuuichi (池森秀一), keyboardist and leader Yamane Koji (山根公路), guitarist Tagawa Shinji (田川伸治) and drummer Utsumoto Naoki. In January 2000, Utsumoto left the group. ____(Wikipedia)


FINALLY THEY HAVE THEIR OWN OFFICIAL PAGE ON YOUTUBE!!! They understand the importance of internet as marketing strategy! I love them so much!! check them out here: [Official Site] [YouTube] [Facebook] [Twitter]

How do I know DEEN?

I know them because of my big sister. My big sister is so into Japan in her old days, probably because there’s so much anime in our childhood in Indonesia. Now? Not so much… That’s why I don’t like watching TV anymore (I guess). Well, to cut the story short, she loves Japanese songs and thus always tuned in a special Japanese-theme channel radio at the time. She recorded all the songs that she liked to a cassette recorder (because what is internet in 2001 right?) and replayed them to accompany her in her fiction writing time. DEEN songs’ are included in the cassette.

I heard their songs from her cassette and I definitely love them. At the time, DEEN sing a soundtrack for Dragon Ball. you know? “Hitori Janai”? I still like it until now; it’s a good song. But the one that I so obsessively like until 2012 was “For my life”.

Why obsessively? Because then the cassette is broken and the song was lost. Forgotten.

I don’t know the title, the lyric, the meaning, who sing it… I don’t know. All I remember is the melody. And google cannot search melody, right? (If they can, google would be pretty awesome!)

Then my sister finally said that the song that I hummed about is sung by DEEN or some other band. So, I check out the name that she gave me… It was 2012, and I barely found the song.

You know what’s odd? When I finally found that song and knew the title, I tried searching for the lyric, but I’ve got none. Isn’t it frustrating when you searched for ‘DEEN’ on google, and google gave you ‘Dean Martin’ or ‘Native Deen’ instead (not that I hate ‘Dean Martin’ or ‘Native Deen’ in particular, no)? And when I added a keyword ‘Jband’, what I’ve got is only a wikipedia page about ‘DEEN’. So disheartening!

But now, when I try to search it again since I want to share it to you people… the lyric is easily found. EASILY! It’s like “HHUUUUUHHH????”

Well, it’s a good thing, but still… isn’t it shocking? :/ and I am about to ask someone to hear the song, so I can know the lyric too! Oh well, it’s better.

As far as I know, the lyrics of their songs is available in two places: [Kasi Time] [Lyrics Wiki]

Now I can access the lyric of their songs easily even though there’re only available in kanji. IT’S BETTER THAN NOTHING! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPLOADING THEM!!!! (TTwTT)/*

Their songs are good even though they sounds a bit old. Maybe because I love old things that I don’t mind… but even then, it is still good. It will soothe your heart when you hear them. I will be glad if you can check them out.

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