Let me share a story about one of my life today’s event.

2015.05.25 09:42 AM – Indonesia

After waiting for two days with no answer from my supervisor, I finally got the answer today, just half an hour before.

“You can print it.”


WOOHOOOOO!!!! Finally, I can register for UT exam! I will be free from that thing! I will be free soon!!!

But really, he is so funny. That day, on saturday when I said I was waiting for his confirmation, he didn’t send me one. He freaking said he would send me one. ‘Oh well, maybe he’s reading it now’ I thought and I went doing something else. But the day has passed and the night has come. There was no way he had not read my UT draft right? So, I texted him. I said: ‘Sir, have you read it [the UT]?’ because that might be the case since he had not send me any comment. ‘Parts that I need to revise, you will tell me on Monday, right?’ Yep, I was bold. I assumed there would be revision, and since I wanted to finish it as soon as I could, and I knew he felt the same way, he would tell me on Monday.

No reply.

‘Okay. Let’s wait until tomorrow and I’ll text him again’ And after thinking that, I went surfing on the internet. I have the urge to read my UT draft once more, but it’s been enough, so I didn’t in the end.

Sunday came. The day passed and the night came. Still no reply, but there’s a sign that he has read the message I’ve sent him.


So I went bold again and sent him this: ‘When are you available on Monday?’

No reply but he read it. Like… Does he have any problem with me? Yeah, I am such a hassle but… ;__;

And so Monday come and that is today. I try my luck once more. This time, I use a language that I would use to a friend (since he is a friendly lecturer with poker face that I never can’t fathom what’s on his mind). I sent him this text: ‘Sir… *I am terrorizing you*’

And finally, a reply. a simple reply. I am freaking out.

‘yup.’ he answered.


Wow, he’s joking. He’s always joking with that poker face of his. Even in his text, he’s such a poker face. Damnit, it’s not good for my heart.

I answered back with this: ‘What about my UT, sir?’ and added a frustrated person sticker to add more emotion in my text.

He then sent me this: ‘It’s safe. You can bind it.’ meaning I can print it and process right away to his approval and other things.

‘Is it done? Just it?’ I thought, confuse. His short answer stunned me. I texted him again: ‘Huh? There is no parts that I need to revise? or something else?’

‘Overall ok.’

‘*I want a commentary.*’

‘That’s the comment. hehe’

HE’S SOOOOO… Gosh, I give up. It’s hard having a poker face lecturer to be your supervisor. He’s so freaking cute, this is dangerous.

Well, yeah, in the end he convinced me with his short answer that I can print it.

‘KAY, I’LL PRINT IT TODAY! and I will give it to him tomorrow. I know I can only register for UT exam tomorrow anyway. But his lack of response really got on my nerve. Aah, I need to read it once more it seems. Because I am a worrywart like that.